6 best gynecologies in St. Petersburg

* Review of the best according to the editors of ecdfburma.org. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Every woman seeks to find an experienced gynecologist who should be trusted. Only a professional will be able to identify existing pathologies and prescribe competent treatment. We studied the gynecology services of St. Petersburg and selected 6 of the best institutions. The main criteria were the opinions of patients and information about the clinics on the websites of organizations.

Rating of the best gynecologies of St. Petersburg

Nomination a place GynecologyRating
Overview of the best gynecology in St. Petersburg 1Admiralty Shipyards 5.0
2SM Clinic 4.9
3Medsi 4.8
4Alfa Med 4.7
5 Gynecological Center 4.6
621st Century Medical Center 4.5

Admiralty Shipyards

Rating: 5.0

The review is opened by a medical center that offers comprehensive women's health programs. They include consultations, laboratory tests and all the necessary examinations. The main feature of the clinic is quick treatment and a minimum of risks in the diagnosis. On the basis of the institution, an inpatient department and intensive care units are open. Correctional procedures are carried out in the health-improving complex, which contribute to the speedy recovery. Gynecology collaborates with urban research centers.

Clinic doctors take advanced training courses, attend various medical seminars. On the Internet you can find many positive reviews from patients. It is more profitable to come for complex treatment. Prices are lower. The initial consultation of the head of the department costs only 1,200 rubles. Address: St. Petersburg, Sadovaya, 126. Phone: 7812-714-8080.

SM Clinic

Rating: 4.9

The next place is occupied by the network of SM-Clinic centers. Over the years, the institution has maintained a good reputation. It is notable for reasonable prices and the availability of modern equipment. Specialists of the center carry out surgical and conservative treatment, conduct pregnancy, prescribe prenatal diagnosis. Gynecology has its own laboratory, which presents ultrasound, radiological and tomographic devices.

There are practically no queues. Patients praise the cleanliness and new renovations of the premises. They note the friendly attitude of the staff. Sometimes the gynecologist sends to doctors of related specialties. The diagnoses of doctors from other hospitals are not accepted here. The initial consultation will cost the woman 1300 rubles. The SM Clinic works seven days a week. Address: St. Petersburg, pr. Udarnikov, 19, building 1. Phone: 7812-618-9973.


Rating: 4.8

Medsi Clinic has been operating for over 20 years. It has the status of a medical center and is equipped with innovative equipment for the treatment and diagnosis of gynecological diseases. Doctors of the institution provide emergency assistance without an appointment, conduct scheduled examinations. Intensive care and intensive care units were opened at the center. The company's quality department analyzes the work of all doctors for compliance with the rules.

Praise the hospital with a modern renovation. In the reviews you can find a lot of laudatory words in relation to the specialists of Medsi. However, patients warn that prices in the clinic bite a little. Periodically, the institution holds promotions. They must be monitored on the organization’s website. The initial consultation of a doctor costs from 1800 rubles. Address: St. Petersburg, Marat, house 6. Telephone number: 7812-643-5195. The clinic operates around the clock.

Alfa Med

Rating: 4.7

One of the main types of services provided by Alfa-Med is gynecology. All doctors of the clinic are professionals. They are attentive and delicate to each patient. The medical center conducts all necessary examinations and tests. Gynecologists treat inflammation of the pelvic organs, menstrual irregularities and cervical pathology. They conduct a biopsy and colposcopy, individually select contraceptives, insert and remove the intrauterine device.

Pleasant reasonable prices for services. Initial consultation and examination cost from 1100 rubles. Repeated admission will cost 850 rubles. Judging by the reviews of patients, the clinic is always calm and clean. Extra tests and examinations are not prescribed in Alfa-Med. The cost of procedures is negotiated in advance. Developed comprehensive programs at a reduced price. Analyzes of third-party clinics are not accepted here. You can find out about promotions and discounts on the official website of the organization. Address: St. Petersburg, proletarian, 46. Phone: 7812-200-4242.

Gynecological Center

Rating: 4.6

The next medical center specializes specifically in the treatment of female diseases, preparation for the birth of a child and pregnancy management. Gynecologists with extensive experience of at least 10 years work here. Each doctor has the highest category. Treatment is carried out using the appointment of a number of tests and examinations using modern equipment. After colposcopy, ultrasound and hysteroscopy, accurate data are obtained and treatment is prescribed if necessary. Therapy is selected strictly individually. In some cases, cryodestruction, radio wave and laser exposure are used.

The main advantages of the gynecological center: modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, qualified medical care. Patients praise polite doctors who always stay in touch. You can call them on the phone and consult, call home. There is information about the imposition of expensive services, the appointment of a large number of analyzes that are not needed. Address: St. Petersburg, Shuvalovsky Prospekt, 37, building 1. Phone: 7812-922-6480.

21st Century Medical Center

Rating: 4.5

The last participant in the review boasts a large number of highly specialized doctors in the field of gynecology. The clinic has programs for the prevention of pathologies and pregnancy management. Several pediatric gynecologists work here. At the first appointment, standard tests are prescribed, ultrasound is performed. In the department of outpatient surgery, operations of any complexity are performed. Restore health in a hospital. Pleased with the opportunity to take tests at home (for children).

The pluses include an individual approach to each patient, attentiveness and politeness of doctors. There are no queues at the clinic. Of the minuses are not the lowest prices. Reviews about most gynecologists are positive. Some doctors received low marks. Therefore, before enrolling in the Medical Center of the 21st century, it is worth learning the names of good doctors. Address: St. Petersburg, Moravsky Lane, Building 3, Building 2. Phone: 7812-602-7129.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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