6 best Internet providers in Voronezh

* Review of the best according to the editors of ecdfburma.org. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

In Voronezh, there are more than 4 dozen providers. Most of them offer customers mobile applications, various tariff plans and personal accounts. We have selected the 7 best Internet companies that can boast of a good reputation and reasonable prices. The rating is based on the feedback of subscribers, information on the quality of work, cases of disconnection and actions of technical support.

Rating of the best Internet providers in Voronezh

Nomination a place providerrating
Rating of the best Internet providers in Voronezh 1Freedom 5.0
2Home ru 4.9
3Beeline 4.8
4Nebynet 4.7
5Amount Telecom 4.6
6Rostelecom 4.5


Rating: 5.0

Freedom company has been operating in the market since 1992. The provider has earned many positive reviews from grateful customers. Subscribers are attracted by adequate prices for tariffs, the availability of discounts. The monthly fee is reduced by 3-15% depending on the period of use of the Internet.

Users note that disconnected them almost do not bother. All issues are resolved promptly. Pleased with the high speed and polite attitude of employees. Technical support specialists always help subscribers with setting up the Internet. Monthly subscription fee starts from 350 rubles. Company phone: 74732-60-60-60.


  • many years of experience;
  • many good reviews;
  • stable compound;
  • adequate prices;
  • decent speed.


  • There are no serious minuses.

Home ru

Rating: 4.9

We gave the second place in the rating to the popular Internet service provider, which offers its services throughout Russia. It began its work more than 15 years ago, and today it provides high-quality broadband access to the network, mobile communications and television. The company is considered one of the best quality HD channels.

The provider guarantees the absence of high-speed jumps. Users are delighted with the League of Legends game tariff, which gives access to music and a package of HD channels. We advise you to follow the news and promotions on the company's website to keep abreast of changing conditions. Phone: 74732-02-76-34.


  • original rates;
  • solid reputation of the company;
  • many good reviews.


  • There are no serious minuses.


Rating: 4.8

Beeline Internet is stable. Masters of the company arrive on time and do an excellent job. If necessary, the provider will provide the client with a router. There is no reason to contact technical support. If speed drops, it is very rare, but it recovers quickly.

As for tariff prices, in the first and second months after connecting, the cost of the fee is significantly lower. The Bombic package at a speed of 100 Mbit per second will cost the client 550 rubles. The first two times you need to pay 275 rubles. You can leave a request through the website or by calling 7800-707-83-08.


  • many approving reviews about the masters;
  • stocks for the first 2 months;
  • good speed;
  • decent selection of tariffs.


  • obtrusive television advertising.


Rating: 4.7

The fourth place in the rating belongs to the provider offering a large number of tariffs. The price of Internet per year is 5520 rubles. Moreover, the longer the subscriber uses the services of the company, the greater the discount. The company hosts virtual hosting and equipment in the office. Technical support staff quickly solve customer problems.

Nebynet offers customers Wifire TV, working through the application. Users can access 2 dozen channels, parents can control access to sites. Customers claim that it’s sometimes difficult to get through to technical support, and the provider’s employees often impose new services. Phone: 7499-553-94-76.


  • large selection of tariffs;
  • excellent conditions for customers;
  • discounts on a monthly payment.


  • slowness of technical support;
  • the imposition of services.

Amount Telecom

Rating: 4.6

The attention of our experts was drawn to a convenient site with clear navigation. No need to call tech support to change the tariff or connect to the Internet. All services are available on the company's resource. Sum Telecom offers a unique service called "Relocation". It allows you to use the Internet even when changing housing, while the contract does not change.

Pleased with the presence of additional chips, such as auto payment, anti-virus programs, blocking specific sites. The company offers more than 130 Full HD channels. 8 of them are for children. According to reviews, sometimes breaks in communication. Moreover, technical support does not immediately solve this problem. Phone: 74732-33-33-33.


  • a lot of chips and unique offers;
  • convenient personal account;
  • good site.


  • breaks in communication periodically occur.


Rating: 4.5

The advantages of the provider Rostelecom include a free connection in one day, instant application processing. The first payment to the client will need to be made only after 4 weeks. The minimum price for the tariff is 350 rubles. The company constantly has stocks. So, you can buy a Wi-Fi router for 10 rubles per month.

There are reviews about the boorish attitude of tech support. Usually, employees refer to equipment malfunction and offer a paid call to the wizard. Disadvantages also include disconnections. Phone: 8-800-100-08-00.


  • adequate prices;
  • permanent stocks;
  • free and fast connection.


  • clippings with ligature are found;
  • incompetent tech support staff.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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