33 best sights of Perm

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Perm is the third largest city in Russia. Due to its unique location, in Perm there are a lot of natural beauties that tourists come to see from all over the Earth. In addition, Permians support the image of the cultural capital, and if not Russia, then the Urals so precisely. In a word, there is something to see, and absolutely everything. And you can find out about the most popular sights from our expert rating.

Rating of the best sights of Perm

Nomination a place Sightrating
The best religious sights of Perm 1Peter and Paul Cathedral 5.0
2Holy Trinity Stefanov Monastery 4.9
3Ascension Theodosius Church 4.8
4Belogorsk monastery 4.7
5Perm Cathedral Mosque 4.6
6Sluda church in Perm 4.5
7The best architectural sights of Perm 4.4
8House of Gribushin 4.3
9Meshkov House 4.2
10Eiffel Tower in Perm 4.1
The best cultural attractions of Perm 1Perm Art Gallery 5.0
2Perm Academic Theater-Theater 4.9
3Opera and Ballet Theater named after P.I. Tchaikovsky 4.8
4Museum of Modern Art PERMM 4.7
5Museum of Perm Antiquities 4.6
6Museum "Motovilikhinsky factories" 4.5
7Architectural and Ethnographic Museum "Khokhlovka" 4.4
8Museum-diorama in Motovilikha 4.3
9Perm-36 4.2
10Theater "At the Bridge" 4.1
The best entertainment sights of Perm 1Park "Balatovo" in Perm 5.0
2Perm Zoo 4.9
3Perm planetarium 4.8
4Extreme Park in Perm 4.7
The best natural attractions of Perm 1Kungur cave 5.0
2Usvin Pillars 4.9
3Waterfall Plakun 4.8
4Basegi Nature Reserve 4.7
5Stone city 4.6
6Mount caps 4.5
7Miracle Cave 4.4
8Orda cave 4.3
9Visher Nature Reserve 4.2
10Blue lakes of Aleksandrovsk 4.1

The best religious sights of Perm

Perm is a very peaceful city, which, although it is an industrial city, can safely claim the name of a religious center. About 120 nationalities live here and there are more than 30 religious denominations, among which are Christian, Catholic, Muslim and Jewish churches. The most popular of them we included in our rating.

Peter and Paul Cathedral

Attraction rating (Perm): 5.0

The appearance of the city of Perm is due to the construction of a copper smelter. Prior to this, there were dense thickets and impenetrable forests on the territory. In the first village, where factory workers lived with their families, a need arose for a temple. Therefore, in 1724, under Catherine I, the then still wooden church was laid, named in honor of Peter and Paul. And only decades later, by decree of Peter I, in 1764 a stone, multi-tiered five-domed cathedral in the style of provincial baroque was rebuilt.

In the 90s. of the last century in the Cathedral they tried to organize a gym, a club of railway workers, restorers. However, in 1990 the temple was again elevated to the rank of Christian shrine. Today, the cathedral is an architectural monument of federal significance; services, weddings and funeral services are held here again. The interior inside is more like a small museum. And even despite the fact that it is not very convenient to get to the temple on foot, it is a very popular place among the townspeople and tourists, so our experts gave it the first place in the popular rating.

  1. Opening hours: every day from 08:00 to 18:30
  2. Cost: Free
  3. Address: Perm, Sovetskaya St., 1
  4. Website: soborpetraipavla.ru
  5. Phone: +7 902 792-47-07

Holy Trinity Stefanov Monastery

Attraction rating (Perm): 4.9

Another famous attraction of Perm is the Holy Trinity Stefanov Monastery in Motovilikha. The history of the cathedral began with a small church built in 1790 at the request of the workers. In the years 1816-1863. it was required to build a stone church, to which two additional chapels were subsequently attached. Soon, the complex was renamed the monastery.

We can safely say that the temple is the visiting card of the city, for which we placed it at the second level of our rating. Today, the building combines Byzantine and Old Russian styles at the same time. Inside the temple is decorated simply and at the same time solemnly. Pilgrims from all over Russia come here, because in the Holy Trinity Church at the monastery there are reliquaries with particles of the relics of the Optinsky, Kiev-Pechersky Fathers, as well as the famous icon “Inexhaustible Chalice”.

  1. Opening hours: every day, from 08:00 to 16:00
  2. Cost: Free
  3. Address: Perm, st. Visimskaya, 4A
  4. Phone: +7 342 267-51-00
  5. Website: permstefan.ru

Ascension Theodosius Church

Attraction rating (Perm): 4.8

One of the spiritual centers, a monument of architecture and an important attraction of Perm, which is constantly visited by pilgrims and travelers from all over Russia. Ascension-Feodosievskaya church in our ranking falls on the third step. The image of the church is the most famous, in addition, many note its similarity to the Moscow Kremlin. Interestingly, the building was actually preserved in its original form. The imitation of the ancient Russian architect made the building so bright. Once the church was called the "merchant", because it was originally built in 1903-1904. with the money of wealthy merchants, and before the revolution, she was one of the richest in the city.

On Sundays and public holidays, the choir sings in the temple, tourists note the excellent acoustic system of the temple and recommend that you listen to this bewitching singing. Among the most revered shrines of the temple, the Icon of the Mother of God “Joy”, the Miraculous image of St. Theodosius, the relics of Paul and Gregory, is especially notable.

  1. Opening hours: every day, from 8.00 to 20.00
  2. Cost: Free
  3. Address: Perm, st. Borchaninova, 11
  4. Phone: +7 (342) 236-18-25
  5. Website: veren.orthodoxy.ru

Belogorsk monastery

Attraction rating (Perm): 4.7

The White Mountain, located not far from Perm, is one of the most popular places; it offers wonderful views of the nature of the Urals. Many travelers are surprised not so much by the beauty of these places, but by the fact that most of the time it is in this place that the snow lies. At the top of the White Mountain is the Belgorod Monastery, where believers are constantly making pilgrimages and tourists come. Often the monastery is referred to only as the Ural Athos, which in our ranking takes the fourth position.

The history of the temple began in 1891, when a large cross was placed on the mountain in honor of Tsarevich Nikolai. A little later, the construction of the monastery began. First, a wooden temple burned out in a fire. The stone temple was also destroyed. Today it has been restored and is functioning again. Nevertheless, all tourists seek to see the Cathedral of the Exaltation of the Cross, which can simultaneously accommodate up to 5 thousand people and has the shape of a cross inscribed in a cube. Services are constantly being held in the temple, tours are conducted. Pilgrims can stay at the hotel.

  1. Opening hours: every day, from 9.00 to 18.00
  2. Cost: Free
  3. Address: Perm, Kungursky district, Belaya Gora Village, Monastyrskaya St., 1.
  4. Phone: +7 (3427) 15-75-35
  5. Website: uralafon.rf

Perm Cathedral Mosque

Attraction rating (Perm): 4.6

Perm Cathedral Mosque is the oldest building in Perm and the first Muslim shrine of the city. This is the only place for large-scale Muslim celebrations, since the other 4 temples are too small for this. This Perm attraction is rightfully recognized as a monument of architecture and urban planning, therefore it occupies the fifth place in our rating. The mosque was built in an eclectic style, in which traditional Russian architecture is connected to the east - carved ornaments are intertwined with oriental patterns, and the minaret tower from the side looks more like the bell tower of Orthodox cathedrals.

Tourists come to see the Muslim holidays, which are regularly celebrated in the mosque - Novruz, Kurban Bayram, Uraza Bayram and many others. others. Hundreds of people gather here during Ramadan to eat after sunset and on the eve of dawn. There is a school at the mosque, where parishioners study Arabic, Tatar and the Koran. All believers have free access to the library. In the store on the territory of the mosque, you can buy high-quality and always fresh Halal products.

  1. Opening hours: every day, from 08:00 to 20:00
  2. Cost: Free
  3. Address: Perm, st. Osinskaya, 5
  4. Phone: +7 (342) 237-50-66
  5. Website: islam-perm.ru

Sluda church in Perm

Attraction rating (Perm): 4.5

The Sludsky church in Perm is better known as the Holy Trinity Monastery, which is located on Mount Sludka, in the heart of the city. We gave the shrine the sixth position in the ranking. This place is definitely recommended for visiting by all tourists, as it is an architectural monument of the 19th century. Holy Trinity Cathedral is one of the highest temples in the city, and the bell tower has as many as 3 tiers, which is in other churches of Perm.

The construction of the temple began in 1842, when the wealthy merchant E.I. Shavkunov initiated the construction with its subsequent financing. The author of the project was the architect G. Flying. During the revolution and World War I, the church was destroyed. But in 2004, large-scale restoration work began, and after a while the Sluda Church again became one of the main attractions of Perm, attracting visitors and pilgrims. Today the cathedral is three-state, because in the neighboring buildings there is a department of the Perm diocese.

  1. Opening hours: every day, from 8.00 to 20.00
  2. Cost: Free
  3. Address: Perm, st. Monastic, 95
  4. Phone: +7 (342) 210-55-74
  5. Website: pravperm.ru

The best architectural sights of Perm

Rest in Perm is, first of all, walking excursions around the city and visiting unique architectural monuments. Moreover, tourists with the same enthusiasm look at both classic examples of pre-revolutionary architecture and modern monuments of street art. Read about the main architectural sights of Perm in our next rating.

House of Gribushin

Attraction rating (Perm): 5.0

For more than a decade, Gribushin’s House, a classic mansion dating back to tsarist Russia, has been one of Perm's most revered sights, which tourists and Permians themselves who come to admire an original example of Russian architecture should definitely visit. The only building in the city, built in a unique eclectic style, is in first place in our rating of the best architectural sights of Perm.

Both the exterior and the interior of the mansion, the facade and all its 18 rooms, are uniquely decorated with elegant stucco elements, and the female faces on the bas-reliefs are taken from the family archive of the Gribushins family. Towards the end of the 20th century, the building became the cultural center of Perm, where the cultural traditions of antiquity began to revive: dramatic performances, musical evenings, and intellectuals were held. Today the building is owned by the PFIC UB RAS, chamber music evenings are regularly held here.

As an example of provincial Art Nouveau, the house of Gribushin is included in the scientific publication of the General History of Architecture. His photo is in the library of the US Congress, many artists depicted him in their works, there is also an assumption that he served as a prototype for a house with figures in the novel "Doctor Zhivago" B. Pasternak.

  1. Opening hours: open for visiting during the season of the Gribushinsky assemblies
  2. Address: Perm, st. Lenin, 13 A (stop "Maxim Gorky Street").
  3. Website: permsc.ru

Meshkov House

Attraction rating (Perm): 4.9

On the banks of the Kama River there is an old mansion, which is known to Perm as the Meshkov house, although in its 130-year history it has changed many owners. Before that, the house was destroyed 2 times by fires - in 1820 and 1842, after which it stood in ruins for decades. In 1886, the house in dilapidated condition was acquired by N.V., a well-known philanthropist and philanthropist, entrepreneur and founder of higher education in the Urals. After perestroika, Meshkov became one of the most beautiful sights of the city, for this we gave Meshkov’s house the second place in the rating.

Since 2007, the Perm Museum of Local Lore has been housed in Meshkov’s house, where you can see exhibits on the ancient and modern history of the Perm Region. The museum also presents a collection of Perm animal style, causing many admiration for visitors, ancient icons of the 18th century, rare books. Visitors note the excellent preservation of exhibits, courtesy of museum workers. Among the shortcomings complain about the lack of vending machines with water, the unorganized sale of souvenir products, as well as the fact that some exhibits do not have a signature plate, and the exposition has not been updated for years.

  1. Opening hours: from Tuesday to Sunday (it is better to check the time on the website)
  2. Cost: from 20 to 100 rubles
  3. Address: Perm, Monastic, 11
  4. Phone: +7 (342) 257 18 06
  5. Website: museum.perm.ru

Eiffel Tower in Perm

Attraction rating (Perm): 4.8

The third place in the ranking remains for the modern architectural monument, which was put up in 2009, at the initiative of Magpermetmet CJSC. The Eiffel Tower is a small copy of French celebrity. Its scale is 30 times smaller than the original, and its height is 11 meters, instead of 324. An attraction appeared on the basis of the advertising campaign of the Magpermet metal trading house. It is installed in front of the main office of the company.

Today, the metal replica is very popular among residents and visitors of the city. Despite the fact that it is actually located on the outskirts of the city, newlyweds, couples and tourists often come to take a photo against the backdrop of the “Parisian landmark”, which looks almost identical to the real Eiffel Tower. Most people gather around the tower from Friday to Sunday. These days you can buy souvenirs and postcards, as well as have fun with the animators.

  1. Hours: around the clock
  2. Cost: Free
  3. Address: Perm, Ryazan street, 19

The best cultural attractions of Perm

Despite the fact that Perm is considered a provincial city, there are quite a lot of opportunities for cultural recreation. Among the attractions of this kind, art galleries, museums and theaters are especially notable.

Perm Art Gallery

Attraction rating (Perm): 5.0

The first art museum opened in the Urals, which is called the Perm Hermitage, is the first in our rating of Perm's best cultural attractions. The collections of the Perm Art Gallery comprise 50,000 works of Russian and foreign fine art from antiquity to the present day. Officially, the gallery opened its doors in November 1922 in the building of the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Savior Cathedral, where it is located to this day. However, the city authorities are actively looking for a new site for the gallery, since the cathedral building belongs to the Russian Orthodox Church.

Each year the gallery is visited by more than 129,000 people, it hosts up to 1,600 excursions and various cultural events. At the moment, the gallery has several permanent exhibits: Old Russian art, Russian art of the 18-20 centuries, West European art of the 15-18 centuries, Perm sculpture made of wood. Temporary exhibitions are also held, information about which is constantly updated.

  1. Hours: daily, except Mondays, from 10.00 to 19.00
  2. Cost: 150 rubles, preferential offers and one day a week are also valid - admission is free for everyone
  3. Address: Komsomolsky Prospect, 4, Perm
  4. Website: permartmuseum.com

Perm Academic Theater-Theater

Attraction rating (Perm): 4.9

In 1927, young workers at Perm factories decided to create their own, revolutionary theater, which would differ from the usual drama theater, which could not keep up with the times. So the Perm Academic Theater appeared, which in our today's rating of Perm sights takes the second place. In the early years of its existence, the theater hosted 25 premiere plays that ridiculed the old regime and called for the construction of a new, free world. Over the past 90 years, more than 460 performances have been staged at the theater, 20 of which received international diplomas in the 90s. Since 2007, the theater has changed direction and name, and has become more modern.

Today, Theater-Theater is an example of modern theatrical art, its staff is 300 people, it has perfect technical equipment and a non-trivial repertoire. Performances in the best traditions of academism are shown on the big stage, musicals, dramatic productions, bold experiments are shown on the small stage (hammer). On the second floor there is an exhibition of paintings, mock-ups and scenery for performances beloved by the public. Once a year, the theater organizes an “Open Door Night”, during which you can chat with actors, take pictures, go on an excursion or get into the backstage for a rehearsal.

  1. Opening hours: from 12:00 to 20:00
  2. Cost: admission is paid, only for tickets (average prices 600-800 rubles).
  3. Address: 614068, Perm, st. Lenin, 53
  4. Website: teatr-teatr.com

Opera and Ballet Theater named after P.I. Tchaikovsky

Attraction rating (Perm): 4.8

The opera and ballet theater is famous far beyond Perm, in various cities of Russia and countries of the world it is called the Tchaikovsky Theater and it is with pleasure that such "monsters" of theatrical art as Bolshoi in Moscow are invited to tour. Our experts gave the third position in the ranking to one of the oldest musical theaters in Russia. The theater first opened its doors in 1870 from the premiere of Glinka's play "Life for the Tsar." Soon, the productions became very popular, and Perm gained the glory of the theater city. There was even a saying that in Perm there are only 2 entertainments - Kama in summer and opera in winter.

Permians call the opera house a real gem and recommend that every guest, especially classical performances, should visit every guest. Some people are perplexed about modern trends and plays, but this is a matter of taste. When buying tickets, it is worth considering that their cost is quite high, and cheap seats on the balcony have limited visibility. Since 2012, a youth competition for young ballet dancers has been organized on the stage of the theater in honor of the famous theater figure Sergei Diaghilev in Perm.

  1. Opening hours: Cash desk is open every day from 10:00 to 19:00
  2. Cost: from 300 to 3000 rubles. Tickets are best bought in advance.
  3. Address: Petropavlovskaya St., 25a
  4. Phone: 8 (342) 212-30-87, 212-54-85
  5. Website: permopera.ru

Museum of Modern Art PERMM

Attraction rating (Perm): 4.7

The PERMM Museum of Modern Art began with one of the most famous Russian Poor exhibitions, organized by gallery owner M. Gelman. “Poor art” refers to the term arte povera, whose adherents use in their works the so-called poor industrial materials that are uncharacteristic of classical art. In the first month of the exhibition, more than 35 thousand people visited it, which became a kind of record for the provincial Perm. PERMM deservedly takes the fourth step in our ranking.

Initially, PERMM was located in the building of the river station, but now it has moved to another, 3-storey building, where exhibitions on different themes are located on each floor. Today, the funds hold about 1300 exhibits. Moreover, expositions change quite often, therefore, in PERMM it is always interesting, but only for lovers of contemporary art.

  1. Opening hours: from Tuesday to Sunday from 12 to 21 hours.
  2. Ticket price: 150 rubles.
  3. Address: 24 Gagarina
  4. Phone: +7 (342) 254-35-52, 254-35-73
  5. Website: permm.ru

Museum of Perm Antiquities

Attraction rating (Perm): 4.6

The Museum of Perm Antiquities, which is a branch of the Museum of Local Lore, becomes the fifth level in the ranking. The exhibition features petrified insects and animals that lived here about 650 million years ago. The British scientist Mursikon in the Perm Territory discovered the geological period, later called the Permian (by the way, this is the only period named after the Russian area). Interactive elements are present here, expositions are accompanied by lighting and even imitation of sounds of ancient nature, so children will definitely like it.

One of the most popular exhibits, according to visitors, is a fragment of the Ohan meteorite, which was found in 1887 near the village of. Tabor. Another interesting exhibit is the mammoth, found in the Perm Territory, in 1927. For children, games, excursions and research lessons are regularly held, a lecture hall, scientific workshops are also working, various festive events are held.

  1. Opening hours: every day (except Monday) from 10.00 to 19.00, on Thursday from 12.00 to 21.00
  2. Cost: regular ticket 150 rubles, preferential 100 rubles, children free of charge.
  3. Address: Perm, st. Siberian, 15
  4. Phone: +7 (342) 212-56-57
  5. Website: museum.perm.ru/filiali/muzey-permskih-drevnostey

Museum "Motovilikhinsky factories"

Attraction rating (Perm): 4.5

The industrial city of Perm appeared due to the launch of metallurgical plants in the first half of the 18th century, in Motovilikha. You can learn more about the glorious history of enterprises by looking at the Motovilikhinskiye Zavody museum, which is in sixth place in our ranking.

The exposition is presented in two parts: the first is a classic museum collection, and the second, located in the open air, demonstrates the military equipment that the factory once manufactured. “Grads”, “Hurricanes”, ballistic missiles and even the real Tsar Cannon, which has a caliber of 508 mm, from which they shot and even more than once! The exhibition is dedicated not only to metal construction, but also to people - engineers, managers and just workers of the enterprise.

Here you can also see the welding machine on which the inventor of electric welding worked, a real lathe from the Second World War, a model of a smelter and much more. And in memory of the visit, you can print a leaflet and take it with you.

  1. Opening hours: Monday - Friday: from 08:30 to 17:00; Saturday - Sunday: days off (entrance to the open area - daily during daylight hours)
  2. Cost: free, excursions from 300 rubles (10 people) to 800 rubles (20 people).
  3. Address: Perm, st. 1905, d.20
  4. Phone: +7 (342) 260-59-76
  5. Website: mz.perm.ru

Architectural and Ethnographic Museum "Khokhlovka"

Attraction rating (Perm): 4.4

The ethnographic museum "Khokhlovka", with a total area of ​​40 hectares and length of hiking routes over 2.5 km, is a complex representing wooden architecture directly in the open. It is located 41-43 km from Perm itself. In our ranking of attractions, Khokhlovka was in seventh place.

The construction of Khokhlovka began in 1969, while it was opened for tourists since 1980. On the territory there are 23 monuments created from 17 to the middle of the 20th century. Here you can see huts, churches, barns and other buildings that breathe the spirit of the past era. Expositions complement the natural landscapes - hills, river, rocks, birch and spruce forests.

In "Khokhlovka" there are tablets with descriptions of each object immediately in 2 languages, which is very convenient. Master classes are held for children in the territory, there is a place for a bite to eat or buy souvenir products. There are also shops where you can sit down and relax in the shade of trees or take pictures against the backdrop of natural landscapes, in addition, the administration allows shooting inside objects. On holidays and weekends, especially many people gather here.

  1. Opening hours: every day from 10.00 to 18.00, the last Monday of the month is a sanitary day.
  2. Cost: 180 rubles
  3. Address: Perm Territory, s. Khokhlovka
  4. Phone: +7 (342) 274-77-37
  5. Website: museum.perm.ru

Museum-diorama in Motovilikha

Attraction rating (Perm): 4.3

The museum is dedicated to the events of 1905 and is part of a memorial depicting the December uprising of workers Motovilikha. The main attraction is a large-scale diorama, 25 m long and 6 m high. Our experts noted the diorama as the eighth number in the rating.

The museum is located on a high picturesque hill, which offers beautiful views of Perm and the amazing park named after Sverdlov, which is popularly called "paradise." The exposition itself contains a large number of things, tools, household items, photographs, immersing the viewer in the pre-revolutionary era, revealing historical parallels.

First of all, it will be interesting for adults, especially if they are interested in history. Children are most likely to look at the expositions and read historical documents will not be so exciting. Another of the minuses is worth noting that you can only get to Motovilikha by your own car.

  1. Opening hours: from Wednesday to Sunday, from 10.00 to 18.00
  2. Cost: 50-100 rubles, for children - free of charge.
  3. Address: Perm, Ogorodnikova, 2
  4. Phone: +7 (342) 267 55 82
  5. Website: Museum.perm.ru


Attraction rating (Perm): 4.2

The only Perm-36 Museum of the History of Political Repression in Russia, located on the territory of the former GULAG camp, is in ninth position in our ranking. Today, tourists can visit the residential hut, visit the isolation ward, visit the stoker room and the medical unit. In 2004, the museum was included by the World Monuments Fund in one hundred specially protected monuments of world culture, and the process of inclusion in the UNESCO list is also ongoing.

At the moment, in Perm 36 there are 1751 objects. It is visited by both the Russians themselves and foreign guests. For example, in 2018, more than 10 thousand people visited the former camp, 10% of which are foreigners from 48 countries of the world. Since 2005, the Pilorama International Forum has been held here every year, gathering thousands of people at which film screenings, exhibitions and concerts, meetings with famous people are organized.

You can have lunch in the camp by prior arrangement, but it is better to take food with you. The museum has a hotel, where you can spend the night for 500 rubles / day per person. When planning a trip, you should book a tour in advance and keep in mind that the reserve is located 120 km from Perm itself.

  1. Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday from 10.00 to 18.00, Monday - day off.
  2. Cost: from 50 rubles, 500 rubles for the tour.
  3. Address: Perm Territory, Chusovskoy District, Kuchino Village.
  4. Phone: +7 (342) 212-61-29, +7 992-204-45-10
  5. Website: itk36-museum.ru

Theater "At the Bridge"

Attraction rating (Perm): 4.1

At the last step of the rating of the best cultural sights is the author’s theater "At the Bridge", created in 1988 by S. Fedotov and from the first day of its foundation exploded Perm with its non-standard productions. The concept of the theater is aimed at developing the psychophysics of acting, its ability to work with its subconscious. In some ways, the performances can be called mystical and psychological, relating to the sphere of the invisible.

Theater "Near the Bridge" is widely known in Europe, in addition, he is a laureate and nominee of the Golden Mask National Award, winner of the Grand Prix of foreign festivals, participant of international festivals. The FORBES magazine ranked U At Most among the top 10 theaters in Russia.

Many viewers in the reviews note the excellent play of the actors, interesting performances and unforgettable emotions after visiting the theater. And at the same time, many complain about the high cost of tickets, uncomfortable seats and inattentive staff.

  1. Opening hours: on weekdays from 12.00 to 19.00, on weekends - from 12. 00 to 18.00
  2. Cost: from 400 to 2000 rubles
  3. Address: st. Kuybysheva, 11, Perm,
  4. Phone: +7 342 237-52-55
  5. Website: teatr-umosta.ru

The best entertainment sights of Perm

Despite its industrial and cultural status, there are places for entertainment in Perm. Parks, zoos, a planetarium and even an extreme park, which has no equal in Russia. In short, see our next rating of attractions.

Park "Balatovo" in Perm

Attraction rating (Perm): 5.0

Balatovsky Park, which is a popular vacation spot for citizens, takes first place in our ranking of entertainment attractions. Here you can feed squirrels, ride a bike or just walk along the alleys. The park has conditions for families with children - a well-equipped playground, an entertainment center with carousels, cars, a ferris wheel.

Also in the park there are tracks for bicycles and rollers, all the necessary arsenal can be immediately rented. For the videos you have to pay 150 rubles per hour. In winter you can go skiing and ice skating. And after an active pastime you can eat kebabs or sip tea in cafes located directly under the open sky.

The main attraction of the park are friendly squirrels, which you can feed right from the hand. Of the nuts, they prefer hazelnuts, but it is strictly forbidden to feed them with almonds.

  1. Address: Perm, st. Gatchinskaya, 17 (stops "DKZH", "PKiO Balatovo")

Perm Zoo

Attraction rating (Perm): 4.9

The Perm Zoo appeared from a small corner at the Museum of Local Lore, in which locals brought animals from time to time. Since 1933, the corner has become a separate organization. During the war years, the zoo worked as a traveling menagerie, and since 2001 it received zoo status. Today, the zoo is visited by over 300 thousand people a year. We put him in second place in the ranking of Perm attractions.

At the entrance to the zoo there is a beautiful fountain, a playground for children, where there are always a lot of kids, there are also benches in the zoo where you can relax. There are also cafes where you can eat. There are a lot of animals in the zoo - 409 species and about 2800 individuals, there are also species listed in the Red Book. But, unfortunately, due to the small territory, the Perm Zoo cannot provide decent living for all animals. The city’s authorities promise to build a new zoo in the Chernyaevsky forest, but so far the construction has been frozen. Getting from the city center by public transport to the zoo is uncomfortable, so you will either have to go with transfers, or walk a couple of stops on foot.

  1. Opening hours: all year round, seven days a week
  2. Cost: adult 250 rub., Children 150 rub., Children under 4 years old - free of charge.
  3. Address: st. Monastyrskaya, 10, Perm
  4. Phone: +7 342 212-26-21
  5. Website: zoo.perm.ru

Perm planetarium

Attraction rating (Perm): 4.7

The planetarium was first opened in 1960 and was located in the regional museum of local lore, where they placed equipment, a removable dome, on which the expanses of the universe were broadcast. Then the planetarium built a separate building, in which it is to this day. Today, the planetarium offers lectures for various ages, there are programs in astronautics, physics, history, natural sciences, and 3D shows are held; photo shoots, chamber concerts, wedding ceremonies are held. In our ranking of attractions, the planetarium is in third place.

The planetarium hall is designed for 140 people, the technology is modern, despite the fact that the building needs repair and renovation. Using the solar telescope, you can see the processes taking place in the sun, special equipment allows you to display constellations on the inside of the dome, a separate projector creates an artificial sky.

  1. Opening hours: Mon, Tue, Wed, Sun - from 09:30 to 17:00; Thu., Fri., Sat. - from 09:30 to 19:00
  2. Ticket price: adult 180 rubles. and children's 120 rubles.
  3. Address: Perm, on Gagarin Boulevard, 27 a
  4. Phone: (342) 260-41-29, 294-34-11
  5. Website: planetarium.perm.ru

Extreme Park in Perm

Attraction rating (Perm): 4.6

An unusual park in Perm, in which you will not meet grandmothers with children and mothers with prams, is at the last stage in the ranking of attractions. The main visitors to this park are lovers of extreme sports. Extreme Park was built in 2009 specifically for skateboarders, cyclists, participants in parkour and freestyle. The project was developed in the USA, Louisville and donated to Perm as a gift. Today the park is unique, since there is no similar anywhere else in Russia.

The size of the concrete site of the park is 12 thousand m2. Its construction cost 50 million rubles. Extreme Park has side bumpers and a pipe for jumping and sliding, platforms for steep descents, ramps for beginners and pros, as well as the so-called “California” pipe, with a diameter of as much as 11 meters, on which real professionals can perform their tricks. Also in the park are festivals, concerts, competitions, as well as free training from the best instructors of the city. There are also rental points where you can take sports equipment for training.

  1. Hours: around the clock
  2. Cost: Free
  3. Address: Ekaterininskaya St., Perm

The best natural attractions of Perm

Perm is located on the site of the ancient ocean, which is probably why there are so many unique natural attractions that tourists come from all over Russia to see. What are the Ural Mountains and the beautiful views that open from them, as well as land and underwater caves and even real stone cities. Read more about the most popular tourist sites in our rating of the best natural attractions of Perm.

Kungur cave

Attraction rating (Perm): 5.0

Our rating opens with the Kungur cave, located 90 km from Perm, has an age of 10-12 thousand years. In the form of a tourist facility used a little more than 100 years. In former times, even royal people came to visit the cave, today it is open for visiting all year round.

Entrance to the cave is carried out as part of excursion groups, individual visits are also possible. It is best to come in the morning, as there is a risk of not getting into the group, the entrance to the caves is until 16.00. The average trip time is 1.5 hours. Tickets can only be bought at the box office in the caves.

The excursion itself, depending on the temperature inside, is divided into several zones: winter, autumn, spring. The temperature in the cave ranges from +5 to -5 degrees Celsius. It is especially cold in the winter, so you should prepare in advance and take warm clothes with you. However, they can be rented at a rental point located near the entrance to the ice cave. As for shoes, it is worth choosing convenient and practical models, as in caves it can be slippery and wet. Near the caves there is a park with wooden figures, a hotel, a cafe, souvenir shops, free parking.

  1. Hours: every day, seven days a week.
  2. Cost: from 800 rubles to 8000 rubles
  3. Address: s. Filippovka, Kungursky District, Perm Territory
  4. Phone: +7 (34271) 6-26-10
  5. Website: kungurcave.ru

Usvin Pillars

Attraction rating (Perm): 4.9

One of the most popular tourist routes is visiting Usvinsky pillars in the Kama region. A local attraction - a rocky ridge, which stretches a couple of kilometers along the river, is striking in its beauty. Tourists come here to enjoy the local beauties and conquer some of the oldest mountains in the Urals. We gave this natural attraction the second place in the ranking.

Usvensky Pillars is, in fact, a rocky steep ridge 120 meters high, stretching along the river, and the so-called Devil's Finger is the central part of the composition - an outlier, 70 meters high, separately separated from the stone wall.

The route to the pillars starts from Usva, the distance to which from Perm is 194 km. The greatest difficulty in this pedestrian path is that you need to go through the forest. However, on the way you can make several stops. One of them is the Pillar Grotto, in which, by the way, archaeologists found traces of the sites of ancient people.

  1. Address: reka Usva, Perm Territory, Russia

Waterfall Plakun

Attraction rating (Perm): 4.8

Not far from Suksun in the Perm region, there is an amazing Plakun waterfall, to which crowds of tourists flock, because waterfalls are an atypical phenomenon for the Ural nature. In our ranking, he takes third place. According to studies, the source forming the waterfall emerges from groundwater flowing from many cracks in the sandstone. And it originates 15 meters from the waterfall, then breaking into 2 sleeves. The small sleeve has a height of 2 m, the large one - 7 m. At the same time, the water in the waterfall is very cold, but some tourists still bathe, because there is a belief that promises health and replenishment of life for someone who plunges into the waterfall 3 times. Believers also honor Plakun Falls, calling it the Holy Ilyinsky Spring. On July 10, Religious Procession heads for him in honor of the Burning Cupid holiday.

The waterfall got its name, as the legend tells, because of a girl who was separated from her beloved and walled up in a rock. Falling to the ground, a lot of small splashes come out of the waterfall, very similar to tears. Therefore, they call Plakun waterfall. Local water was studied many times by scientists, checking the quality and composition of water, and came to the conclusion that the water here is clean, has many useful trace elements, and is well stored. Today, the waterfall is a monument of regional importance and a local attraction.

  1. Address: Perm Territory, Russia, Sylva River

Basegi Nature Reserve

Attraction rating (Perm): 4.7

The nature reserve, opened in 1982, is located on an area of ​​37957 hectares. It is located along the famous mountain range in the Perm Territory, called Basegi. We gave this attraction the fourth line in the ranking. In the reserve there are rare species of plants that are listed in the Red Book, as well as those that are not found anywhere else in the world. Also in the territory 11 rivers flow. But the greatest interest for travelers is the stone rivers, which look like terraces with stone screes.

Visiting the reserve is paid, by appointment or by call. Excursions are possible only with a guide, in groups of up to 10 people. Excursion routes are designed for 6-8 hours. In winter, skiing is available. In a season of high fire hazard, prolonged rain, snowstorms - tourists may be denied access to the reserve.

  1. Cost: from 550 to 6500 rubles.
  2. Address: Lenin St., 100, Gremyachinsk, Perm Territory, Russia
  3. Phone: +7 342 5027049
  4. Website: basegi.ru

Stone city

Attraction rating (Perm): 4.6

Stone Town is a nature reserve, a bizarre cluster of rocks, which also have another name - Devil's Hillfort. A unique natural monument, located 526 m above sea level, in our ranking of attractions falls on the fifth step. However, this place gained popularity not so long ago, about 20 years ago. Today excursions take place here, and for free.

The stone city got its name due to its special structure - it looks like a real city with frozen old streets and alleys. Locals claim that the stone city is the bottom of an ancient river. In those days, a deep sea spilled near the Ural Mountains and a river flowing into this sea flowed along the remnants of the Stone Town, whose age is estimated at 300 million years!

Some visitors to the stone reserve complain about the lack of amenities, the lack of toilets and places for collecting garbage, while others, on the contrary, are attracted by the wild, untouched nature: tourists come to the stone city with tents and live here for weeks or even months.

  1. Cost: Free
  2. Address: Perm Territory, Shumikhinsky Gremyachinsky District

Mount caps

Attraction rating (Perm): 4.5

A popular place for excursions - Mount Kolpaki extends 3 km to the east, on the border of Europe and Asia, its height is 615 m. In our rating, it occupies the sixth position. This mountain got its name for an exceptional feature: in winter, snow caps appear on the peaks, somewhat reminiscent of caps. But it is interesting that Kolpaki is one mountain, and not a mountain system, as many tourists who come to this area believe.

Going to Kolpaki is best from June to October and in January-March. In autumn and summer, it offers a magnificent view of the surroundings. But you must definitely take with you the means against mosquitoes and ticks. In winter, you should be careful when climbing and do not go to the rocks on the north side, not equipped for lifting.

  1. Cost: Free
  2. Address: Perm, Perm Territory, pos. Fishing

Miracle Cave

Attraction rating (Perm): 4.4

The longest cave in the area of ​​the Chusovaya River, whose length is 512 m, fully justifies its name. People look at the extraordinary beauty of the streaming formations in the Miracle Cave for hundreds of kilometers. The cave was opened in 1974 and quickly became a tourist attraction. We gave Miracle to the seventh place in the ranking.

True, tourists who want to get into the cave will first need to climb to a height of 46 m along a fairly steep slope. But in the cave itself no equipment is needed, all the descents and ascents are easily accessible and can be overcome even by inexperienced climbers. It will take about 2 hours to inspect the entire cave.

  1. Cost: Free
  2. Address: Perm, Perm Territory, Chusovskoy District

Orda cave

Attraction rating (Perm): 4.3

The longest gypsum cave in Russia, located in the shadow of the Ural Mountains. The length of the cave is 4400 meters, and in its tunnels it is very easy to get lost, so visiting the cave is possible only by experienced divers, because most of it is under water. But there are also dry areas that a land tourist can visit. Our experts marked the Orda cave the eighth in the rating of Perm attractions.

The cave has very beautiful grottoes and fanciful natural panoramas, but, nevertheless, gypsum caves are characterized by a collapse, especially in spring. And the water in the flooded part can reach -20 degrees Celsius. However, the cave has not yet been fully explored, so there is the opportunity to get to a place where no one else has been.

  1. Cost: Free
  2. Address: Perm, Perm Territory, s. Horde

Visher Nature Reserve

Attraction rating (Perm): 4.2

One of the largest nature reserves in Europe is located in the inaccessible region of the Ural Mountains. We placed this natural attraction on the ninth line of the rating. The reserve area is impressive and reaches 2412 km2. The nature of this region is quite severe - almost 200 days a year there is snow, and in summer the air never warms above +30 degrees. The Vishersky Reserve is famous for its deposits of semiprecious and precious stones, as well as rock crystal. In addition, about 400 species of plants grow here, many of which are rare, and there are also animals listed in the Red Book.

Tourists to the territory are allowed to be accompanied by employees of the reserve, after a permission is obtained in advance. The visit is paid. There are special ecological tours, for example, a 3-day mountain trekking will cost about 9 thousand rubles / person, and a 7-day water-foot trekking will cost 17 thousand rubles / person. Unauthorized entry into the reserve is fraught with heavy fines. Fishing and hunting, collecting herbs, plants, minerals and insects is prohibited here.

  1. Cost: paid
  2. Opening hours: Mon-Fri from 08:00 to 17:00
  3. Address: Perm Territory, Krasnovishersk, st. Gagarina, house 36 B
  4. Phone: +7 (950) 465 93 45, +7 (904) 846 01 35
  5. Website: vishersky.ru

Blue lakes of Aleksandrovsk

Attraction rating (Perm): 4.1

Blue lakes, which arose as a result of the development of limestone quarries, close our rating of Perm attractions. After development, they decided to flood them, as a result of which there were lakes with extraordinary azure water, which today are a popular vacation spot for citizens. The deepest is the lake called Kotlovan (72 m), and the longest is Morozovskoe (1400 m). On the steep banks of ponds, deciduous and coniferous forests are located, where birds live and animals live.

Today, on the shores of Aleksandrovsk lakes there is an equipped camp site, where it is fashionable to rent a tent, dine and rent a boat. For motorists there is a specially equipped parking.

  1. Address: Aleksandrovsk, Perm, Perm Territory, Russia

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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