16 best hotels in Dubai

* Review of the best according to the editors of ecdfburma.org. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

What city will you remember if you are asked to name the most expensive place on the planet? Of course, this is Dubai. Sheikhs love to show off. And lure tourists to yourself by building incredibly rich hotels for this. If you are going to Dubai, then you can choose a hotel without looking - you certainly will not be able to disappoint any of them. But if you still want to get the maximum experience, then check out our rating. This collection will discuss exclusively the best hotels. At the same time, we will try to mention not only hotels with overly expensive rooms, but also more affordable options.

Rating of the best hotels in Dubai

Nomination a place hotelprice per day
Top Dubai First-Class Premium Hotels 1Burj al arab jumeirah 67972 ₽
2Four Seasons Resort Dubaiat Jumeirah Beach 16306 ₽
3The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai 14794 ₽
5Rixos Premium Dubai JBR 8666 ₽
6Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa Dubai 7866 ₽
The best Dubai hotels on the first line in terms of price and quality 1Park hyatt dubai 8351 ₽
2Hilton Dubai Jumeirah 7711 ₽
3The Retreat Palm DubaiMGallery By Sofitel 6565 ₽
4Hawthorn Hotel & Suites by Wyndham JBR 4362 ₽
5JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai 16778 ₽
The best Dubai hotels near shopping centers 1Millennium Plaza Hotel 4120 ₽
2Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai 6866 ₽
3Sheraton Grand Hotel, Dubai 4669 ₽
4Roda Al Bustan Hotel 3720 ₽

Top Dubai First-Class Premium Hotels

Burj al arab jumeirah

Hotel Rating (Dubai): 4.9

In the world there are a number of hotels, which it is time to assign the status of "6 stars". Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is one of them. This hotel is located inside the world famous building, similar to a yacht sail. This hotel offers superb sea views no matter where you stay. It's funny that you don’t need to leave the building for shopping - here you will find both grocery stores and a full-fledged shopping center.

At the time of writing, this is the tallest hotel in the world. The builders erected it directly into the sea, creating an artificial island for this. To the coast - about 280 m. Of course, you can come here by your own car - the island is connected to the land by a bridge. It should be noted that the building is not located in Dubai itself, but 15 km south of this city. However, this is unlikely to create any problems - getting to the hotel is not difficult.

The rooms are located on the 28 floors of this building. Moreover, all rooms are two-story! None of the hotels in Egypt, Turkey or many other countries can offer anything like this, unless you talk about living in a separate villa. Each room includes a hairdryer, air conditioning, bath amenities, a telephone with an answering machine, a TV with satellite channels, a computer, a printer, a minibar, a multimedia system and a safe. There is also a video surveillance system. It allows you to know in advance who is knocking on the door of your room. As for the bathroom, in it you will definitely find a jacuzzi, which also can not but rejoice.

All numbers are conditionally divided into six groups. It seems that Ecdfburma readers can afford living in a deluxe room. However, even this number will amaze you if before that you had a rest only in Greece, Tunisia and other similar countries. The total area of ​​this number is 169 square meters. m. This already exceeds the performance of many villas. On two floors you can find a living room with a large dining table, a breakfast bar, a toilet, a business center (a corner with the same computer, printer and fax machine), a dressing room, a bathroom with a Jacuzzi, and a bedroom with a huge bed.

Other types of rooms are even larger. Many of them have panoramic windows throughout the wall. Some of the rooms here are so large that two families can easily live in them. They have two bedrooms, two bathrooms and two living rooms. Surprisingly, there is only one toilet. Well, the maximum chic available in Burj Al Arab is waiting for you in a royal room. This is an apartment on the 25th floor, covering an area of ​​780 square meters. m. This is the only one-story room - the royal lady does not have to move up the stairs. There is no point in telling about these apartments in detail; they need to be seen. We will only say that they include a cinema and a meeting room. The entire interior is made in the Arabic style.

It is curious that hotel visitors do not need to go down somewhere to turn to staff for help. Corresponding service is located on each floor! At the same time, they can communicate with you in any language of the world, including in Russian.

There are no problems with food. Moreover, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is the case when the taste sensations will be correctly mixed with the visual. The fact is that you can eat at the Seventh Heaven restaurant, which is so named for nothing - it is located at a 200-meter height! You can also visit the restaurant Al Mahara, located in the depths of the bay - to get to it only three minutes, but you need to do this on a submarine. There are other restaurants here, which offer a gorgeous view of the sea.

Such a hotel could not do without its own beaches. There are three of them, all beach items are free. There are also three swimming pools at the hotel. Also, residents of the hotel can visit the Wild Wadi water park for free, the passage to which is carried out on an artificial embankment.

You can still list for a very long time what exactly Burj Al Arab offers its guests. But in this case, the article would be devoted to only one hotel. But you need to tell about other hotels that fell into our rating, they also deserve praise.


  • Unusual view of the building;
  • The hotel is on an artificial island;
  • You can visit the huge water park;
  • There are three pools and the same number of beaches;
  • Excellent conditions for children;
  • All rooms are two-story and very large;
  • Help desk works in any language of the world;
  • Water sports available;
  • Bathroom and toilet are separate;
  • There is a wellness center;
  • Food in a variety of restaurants.


  • Very high cost of living;
  • Lunches and dinners - for a fee.

Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach

Hotel Rating (Dubai): 4.8

Another five star hotel in our ranking. However, is it possible to find a hotel of a lower class in Dubai? This hotel also belongs to the first line. This means that visiting the beach will not cause any problems - it is a couple of hundred meters from the building.

A distinctive feature of this representative of our selection is its location. It is built in a prestigious residential area of ​​Jumeirah. Only the richest people in the Middle East live here. For good reason, the area is called the Beverly Hills counterpart. It is also the closest hotel to the center of Dubai with its own beach. Not far from the hotel is the Dubai Mall, which has 1,200 stores. Nearby is the world-famous skyscraper of Burj Khalifa. The airport is only 25 minutes away.

Dubai hotels do not always have a huge number of rooms. The option considered above offered only a hundred and a few rooms, here there are 237. All of them are divided into 11 types. Of course, the hotel has royal apartments. Their area reaches 600 square meters. m. But much more in demand are prime and deluxe rooms of 70 square meters. m. Against the background of a hotel on an artificial island, this figure seems insignificant. But now compare it with some room in a Turkish hotel, often with an area of ​​28-35 square meters. m!

In each room of this hotel there is a minibar, a safe, air conditioning, a TV with satellite channels and other usual amenities. As for the hotel infrastructure, it includes a very large parking lot, a conference room, which can also be used for celebrations, and a 24-hour reception.

In fact, this hotel is unlikely to surprise you with anything. It uses food on the menu, which someone even spoil the impression. Have the Dubaiers heard anything about the buffet? With so many guests, I would like to see him. As for entertainment, here you can do water sports and tennis. There is also a fairly large pool, in which it is recommended not to make noise. Well, the gym will keep your muscles in good shape. Girls will appreciate the spa. But we must not forget that his services are paid. Like the babysitting service, which is also available here. And for children a little older, a game club is intended.

Four Seasons Hotel, located in Dubai, is able to offer car rental, luggage storage, airport transfers, laundry and some other types of service. There are no complaints about the beach. He has a huge number of sun loungers and umbrellas. This is not surprising, because the staff does not need to regularly remove them from the beach - there are practically no rains and storms here. On the beach, by the way, you can rent a banana or even a jet ski. You can also play beach volleyball here. You can enter the sea both from sand and from a pontoon.


  • Located near the largest shopping center;
  • The rooms have a large area;
  • Most often rooms have a sea view;
  • Car rental available;
  • Russian-speaking reception;
  • There is a gym;
  • There is a great pool;
  • You can play tennis and water sports;
  • Wonderful beach owned by the hotel.


  • Meals - only on the menu;
  • Little fun for the kids;
  • High cost of living.

The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai

Hotel Rating (Dubai): 4.8

This five-star hotel is also located in Jumeirah. This means that you are waiting for exquisite interiors and staff, in every possible way trying to please you. Also, the hotel is able to boast that literally a stone's throw from it there are a variety of shops and restaurants. At the same time, hotel accommodation cannot be called particularly expensive. At least by the standards of Dubai. Tour in the UAE with accommodation in The Ritz-Carlton is estimated at 250 thousand rubles. during the week. Of course, in this case we are talking about checking into a deluxe room - the simplest available, having an area of ​​only 50 square meters. m. However, even here, two adults and two children, whose age does not exceed 12 years, can easily accommodate. The disadvantage of a relatively inexpensive room is the fact that it will not have a sea view.

Of course, there are more spacious rooms. Their area is at least twice as large. However, even in this case, the hotel does not allow more people to live in them. Only in the ritz-carlton suite are three adults allowed to live. And despite the fact that the area of ​​this number is increased to 190 square meters. m! There is already not only a bath, but also a sauna, a jacuzzi and a steam room! Do not forget the dining area with kitchen. By the way, if we talk about food, then you can arrange accommodation with breakfast or half board. The latter includes breakfast and dinner, in this case only lunch will require money. But practice shows that during the day the hotel guests are outside.

In total, this hotel includes 138 rooms. Each has a satellite TV, a safe, a bar, individually controlled air conditioning, an iron with ironing board, bath accessories, heated mirrors and a telephone. Room cleaning and linen change twice a day - other hotels often do not offer such a thing!

Of course, there are several food outlets at the hotel. One restaurant serves Italian cuisine. The second prepares Mediterranean cuisine - this restaurant should be sought by the pool. There is also a lobby lounge in the hotel - an area where you can enjoy European dishes and all kinds of royal sweets. A small restaurant with Arabic cuisine is not forgotten, because you are in the UAE. There is also a bar, but you will have to forget about alcoholic drinks - again, you are in the UAE.

Dubai The Ritz-Carlton is a good place to stay with children. The restaurant will certainly offer a children's menu. The hotel is also able to boast of a mini club in which children from 4 to 12 years old are having fun. Children's pool - this is also important, the guys also want to splash. without fear of great depth. And there is also a playground. Every day there are entertainment programs that should also appeal to any child.

If we talk about entertainment for adults, then there are even more of them. Women can do aerobics or go to the fitness center. Couples can go for one of four tennis courts. Arabs can regularly be seen on two squash courts, the rules of which are completely unknown to most Russians. There are also three swimming pools. All sorts of water sports are available to visitors, many of which are invited to do at sea. Of course, the hotel has its own beach. It is ideally equipped, a chaise lounge and an umbrella should go to everyone living in this hotel.

The service of this hotel is not limited to transfers from the airport and back. Here you will clean your shoes, exchange currency, make a beautiful haircut, wash clothes and offer many other services, including car rental or even an invitation to the butler’s room. By the way, you can get to the center of Dubai without a car - a comfortable bus regularly runs to it.

This hotel often stops business people. The fact is that there is a room for negotiations. Large companies are sure to appreciate the conference room, which seats approximately 200 people. Well, newlyweds or just couples in love can leave their money in a boutique and jewelry store.


  • There is an excellent beach equipped with everything you need;
  • There are pools for adults and children;
  • The hotel offers many varied services;
  • Lots of fun for the kids;
  • You can play tennis and squash;
  • Car rental available;
  • Several restaurants;
  • Perhaps the design of half-board;
  • The most regular room cleaning;
  • The area of ​​any room can not be called small.


  • There are regular traffic jams on the hotel road;
  • Not much adult entertainment.


Hotel Rating (Dubai): 4.8

Our rating is so far increasing. Each subsequent hotel has an increasing capacity. The five-star THE WESTIN DUBAI MINA SEYAHI BEACH RESORT & MARINA consists of 294 rooms. This alone indicates that all the conditions for living with the whole family should be created here. Indeed, children will definitely not be bored. They will be able to play on the corresponding platform, work out with drawing and other entertainments in the mini-club, as well as splash in the shallow pool. If you check in with a baby, you will be provided with a cot. And you can order a babysitting service.

The hotel is located on the white beach of the Persian Gulf. Not far away is the famous Palm Island. Near the hotel you can find the chic Dubai Promenade The Walk, consisting of many boutiques and restaurants. Well, literally in the neighborhood there is a shopping center, inside which there is an indoor skiing area.This is, for a moment, in a country with a 40-degree heat! If you want to visit the old part of Dubai, where the bazaar of spices and other markets are located, then you need to drive literally half an hour.

Each room has literally everything you need. Firstly, you will find room, even if you have chosen a room of the smallest class. Secondly, the dream is supposed to be on the Heavenly Bed - the so-called paradise bed. Thirdly, the person living in the hotel has at his disposal a large bathroom, which includes a bathtub and shower. Fourth, you can watch TV with satellite channels. The latter include at least four Russian television channels.

What else awaits in the room? Coffee machine, safe, fridge, desk, climate control system, sewing kit, minibar, makeup mirror, hairdryer and telephone. In a word, there is everything you need!

The price includes exclusively continental breakfasts, which are offered in the buffet. Meals in the restaurant - already on the menu, for a fee. Curiously, the main restaurant is open around the clock. Usually hotels cannot boast of anything like this. But in Dubai it is comfortable to walk at night - at this time it is not so hot, but even cool. The hotel also has several additional restaurants. They can taste, for example, Italian cuisine. Or all sorts of Asian dishes. Steak house is not forgotten here either. It is chosen by those who love meat dishes. Well, the wine bar can be called a distinctive feature of the hotel. He has a huge collection of wines. There is even a special tasting room where you can appreciate rare types of wines and cheeses.

We do not recommend spending your time just relaxing and eating. Be sure to spend your calories while having fun in the gym or outdoor pool. The hotel offers tennis, volleyball and water sports. Women can also visit the spa center, which provides anti-aging and beauty treatments.

Of course, do not forget about the beach. It is just 50 meters from the hotel. Sun loungers and umbrellas should go to absolutely all of its visitors. They are also near the pool, but here they are occupied quite quickly. However, this is typical of many hotels with so many rooms.

We have already accustomed you to the fact that Dubai hotels offer accommodation at a very high price. However, THE WESTIN DUBAI MINA SEYAHI BEACH RESORT & MARINA is an exception to the rule. A weekly tour to Dubai with a stop at this hotel will cost you 140 thousand rubles. or a little more expensive. This is based on airfare, half board and deluxe rooms with sea views. Not bad!


  • Perhaps the food type "half board";
  • The hotel has its own beach;
  • Nearby is a huge shopping center;
  • The rooms have a decent area;
  • A large number of conference rooms;
  • There are numerous activities for children;
  • There are pools;
  • You can go in for sports;
  • A large number of restaurants, cafes and bars;
  • Not exorbitant cost of living.


  • Overdried pastries;
  • It may be difficult to use the pram.

Rixos Premium Dubai JBR

Hotel Rating (Dubai): 4.7

Another five-star hotel in our rating. This hotel also has its own beach. Its length is 400 m, in connection with which there will be enough space for most visitors. Problems can arise only if all residents decide to sunbathe, because the hotel includes as many as 443 rooms. But to imagine such a situation is quite difficult, usually many hotel guests spend time in Dubai itself.

The hotel belongs to the resort type. This means that theoretically it is possible not to leave its territory at all - here you will find everything you need. All rooms are located in a huge 35-story building, which opened its doors in May 2017. Near the hotel are the largest shopping centers, which are also a must visit. From the windows of the hotel you can see The Dubai Eye - the highest ferris wheel in the world, one of the main attractions of the city. As for the international airport, it is about 21 km away.

The rooms at this hotel are traditionally divided into several types. Mostly people stay in standard double rooms. It is much more expensive to stay in suites with one or even two bedrooms. There are also family rooms in which a separate place is reserved for children. Well, a bridal suite is able to please an incredibly chic bed.

Each air-conditioned room is equipped with a satellite TV, minibar, safe, hairdryer, bath amenities and tea and coffee making facilities. Housekeeping is daily. Guests should also remember that the contents of the minibar are consumed for a fee.

The staff in this room speaks different languages, including Russian. Therefore, the settlement certainly will not cause any inconvenience. Yes, and you can also find out the location of a luggage room or restaurant without difficulty. By the way, the hotel can offer many other services. For example, here you can iron clothes, clean shoes, photocopy documents, sell souvenirs or deliver food and drinks to your room.

The hotel has an excellent terrace where you can sunbathe in comfort. This can also be done by the pool, where there are also sun loungers and umbrellas. In the pool itself you can swim both in a traditional way and on a mattress. There are no complaints about the beach of this hotel either. As you know, Dubai grew up in the desert, so it is not surprising that the beach is sandy. The entrance to the sea is similar.

It remains to add that Russian tour operators do not yet offer trips to the UAE with a stop at this hotel. But no one bothers to book a room through the appropriate online services. A week of two adults without children in a deluxe double room will cost only 82 thousand rubles. or a little more expensive. What is the secret of such a low cost? It's just that food is not included in this amount. Even breakfast! It is also impossible not to notice that while the hotel offers a minimum amount of entertainment for adults and children.


  • There is a private 400-meter beach;
  • The staff tries to speak Russian;
  • There are numerous conference rooms;
  • There are pools, including those with heating;
  • The rooms have a decent area;
  • A varied service is available;
  • The hotel was built recently;
  • There are free buses to the largest malls.


  • The price does not include meals;
  • Little entertainment for adults and children.

Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa Dubai

Hotel Rating (Dubai): 4.7

As the name of the hotel implies, it is complemented by a full-fledged spa. Here you will be guided through a variety of cosmetic and wellness treatments, after which you will begin to feel noticeably better. Also, the owners of the hotel declare that even children will like their stay here. Indeed, they will certainly appreciate the pool with minimal depth. And some of them will be delighted with The Penguin mini-club. Well, to serve a very small child, you can call a nanny. She will give parents time to relax not only from work, but also from the baby.

This hotel is a twenty minute drive from the international airport. The same amount you need to go to the city center. In a word, the location of the hotel can be called ideal. The hotel includes three buildings, inside of which - exactly 500 rooms. They belong to different types. The sizes, and interiors, and content differ. As in some other Dubai hotels, you can check into the presidential and royal apartments. That is if you earn millions. The rest of the readers of our rating can afford only deluxe rooms, which in fact are nothing special. Here you will find air conditioning, telephone, minibar, hairdryer and satellite TV. Well, the radio, if you need it for some reason.

Each client is offered round-the-clock room service. A boutique, jewelry store, meeting rooms and laundry facilities are also on site. It is not difficult to rent a car here. As for water procedures, visitors can use a sauna, a Turkish bath and even mineral water pools. One can only guess how exactly the Dubai people got this water. Do they also have similar sources? However, let's not bother with such trifles.

While relaxing in such a place, you must definitely keep your body in shape. In this regard, we recommend regular swimming in the two pools available here. Also, visiting the gym is not superfluous, since its services are provided to all hotel guests. You can relax in the jacuzzi. By the way, some rooms have a private spa bath! This hotel also has two tennis courts. How not forgotten and the place to play squash. Well, among the available water sports - water skiing, sailing, kayaking, windsurfing and pedal boats. In a word, with entertainments here - a complete order!

The hotel was very large. Its workload is decent at any time of the year. However, this does not prevent the staff from serving each guest, finding themselves nearby if necessary. There is also no problem with food - there are a large number of restaurants and bars at the hotel. Well, if you take a little walk, you will find yourself on a private beach. Perfect sand, sun loungers with umbrellas, a gentle entrance to the sea - well, what else can you dream of?

And what can you complain about? Perhaps only to the lack of silence. If you want to achieve it, you need to close the door to the balcony, counting on salvation from the heat exclusively with the help of an air conditioner. Dubai is constantly being built and rebuilt, car drivers are regularly honking - all this, of course, is very well audible. The exception is the rooms on the upper floors, but living in them costs exorbitant money.

If you agree to stay in a deluxe room with a sea view, then get ready to pay a little more than 140 thousand rubles. In fairness, this amount includes air travel and half board. View of the surroundings and breakfast meals will not affect the cost too much - in any case, you will have to pay at least 125 thousand rubles.


  • Located close to the center of Dubai and the airport;
  • A large number of restaurants and bars;
  • There are excellent pools;
  • There is a mini club for children;
  • Room size cannot be called any small;
  • A variety of water sports are available;
  • There is a gym and a couple of tennis courts;
  • There is a car rental;
  • Great spa;
  • A wonderful beach with a decent length.


  • Located in a very noisy place;
  • There is no animation program.


Hotel Rating (Dubai): 4.7

Another five-star hotel in our selection. This is also a front line hotel, which means that there is a beach right next to its walls. In theory, it allows you to relax for relatively little money - a tour here can be found for only 105 thousand rubles. But we recommend that you do not save money by arranging accommodation in a slightly more expensive room. The fact that the staff of this hotel is not the best way to those rooms and apartments that are rented out for little money. You can easily enter a dusty room, which also does not have carpets on the floor! In a word, in the photographs you will see one thing, and get another. Yes, they know how to cheat not only in Turkey and Egypt, but also in extremely rich Dubai ...

By the way, order apartments only in case of urgent need. They are located in a separate building, which is very far from the restaurant and pools. But you will visit them every day! Do you want to get tired on your vacation?

However, the hotel is not as bad as it might seem. It is located on Palm Jumeirah Island, surrounded by vertical gardens. In the future, you will often recall the palm trees available here. As for the hotel itself, it includes 361 rooms. Each of them has a stylish design. But if the hotels considered above could boast of spacious rooms, then here not all of them are such. Classic rooms are 44 square meters. m. Luxury rooms can also boast the same number, differing only in the view from the window - here you can enjoy the sea. The Junior Suites, which have a lounge area, are slightly larger. And, of course, even more spacious rooms with two bedrooms are not forgotten. As much as possible the hotel is ready to offer Signature Suite. This is not a royal apartment, but close to that. Three bedrooms with a huge bed in each, one bedroom with two small beds, a living room, a smartly equipped kitchen - all this awaits you on an area of ​​450 square meters. m

But back from heaven to earth. All rooms include a minibar, tea / coffee maker, desk, hairdryer, telephone, safe and air conditioning. Smoke detectors are responsible for safety. However, now they should be present in absolutely every hotel in Dubai.

The hotel infrastructure includes not only parking for cars, but also several conference rooms. The heads of large enterprises who decided to hold a general meeting will certainly be delighted. Another hotel is ready to offer you the services of a butler. Around the clock! You can also sign up for cooking classes, exchange currency and take your clothes to the laundry.

Of course, you will not spend all your free time in the room. What is the hotel ready to offer in terms of entertainment? Some will enjoy boating. Women can visit the spa offering a range of beauty and massage treatments. It is rarely an unoccupied whirlpool. Well, men are required to evaluate the gym present here. The hotel also has a sauna, hammam and solarium. Not forgotten, of course, and pools. One of them is open, while the other is under the roof. Therefore, even if bad weather sets in Dubai, you can safely swim.

Children's entertainment is noticeably less. There is a mini club in which children draw and do other similar things. That, in fact, is all. If there is a children's playground, the hotel owners do not mention it. But then they are proud of having a children's menu in the restaurant.

There are many restaurants here, I must say. Dishes of international cuisine should be sought in Manava. The aforementioned children's menu has Amura - a specialized children's restaurant located in the mini-club. A variety of meat dishes are offered by Porterhouse. Well, if you visit Moana, you can taste all kinds of seafood. And this is not the whole list of restaurants! There are also bars. All of them offer desserts and soft drinks, while alcohol should be sought in the cigar lounge bar.

What else can be said about this hotel? Only that in the cost of living it almost never includes food. Therefore, if you decide to book a room here, be sure to stock up at least the same amount for visiting restaurants and various entertainments. And try to choose a room with a sea view - in this case, you are likely to be able to sleep with the windows open.


  • There is a kids club;
  • A large number of restaurants and bars;
  • There are indoor and outdoor pools;
  • Great sandy beach;
  • There is a large spa;
  • Modernly equipped gym;
  • There are all conditions for people with disabilities;
  • Not very high cost of living.


  • Little water fun;
  • No car rental;
  • Not the best view from some rooms;
  • Some people complain about poor housekeeping.

The best Dubai hotels on the first line in terms of price and quality

Park hyatt dubai

Hotel Rating (Dubai): 4.9

Our rating is continued by hotels, accommodation in which is by no means horse money. At the same time, such hotels have all the necessary infrastructure. Park Hyatt, for example, can boast even five-star status!

This hotel can be said to be located in the center of Dubai. Moreover, she has been working since 2005. But we already had the impression that in those days there really weren’t any houses - the construction is so active here right now. It's nice that when you leave the hotel, you can get to the business districts, to the parks, and to the beach belonging to the hotel in a couple of minutes.

Many of the rooms here offer views of the wonderful panorama of Dubai Harbor. You definitely want to capture this beauty not only in memory, but also in photographs! As for the number of rooms, it has a little more than two hundred. Arriving here from the airport is not difficult - the whole journey takes literally ten minutes. Settling, you will enjoy the spaciousness of the room. Even the smallest rooms have an area of ​​52 square meters. m. Strictly speaking, such a parameter has most of the numbers. Only 43 rooms are capable of boasting a larger area. Some have a bathtub with a special relaxing shower. Family apartments are 109 square meters. There is a living room, a spacious bathroom, an excellent bedroom and even a terrace. Well, as much as possible the hotel is ready to offer presidential and royal apartments. Their area is 220 square meters. m. Not an outrageous indicator, but even in such a territory fit a bedroom, separate living room, study, dining room, kitchen, terrace and bathroom.

Whatever number you choose, you need to count on its excellent content. In particular, you will find a TV with satellite channels, a safe, a minibar, bath accessories, a telephone and other trifles. If you are hungry, then you can go down to one of the restaurants. They offer Arabic, French and Thai cuisine, as well as all kinds of sweets. One of the restaurants has a wonderful wine collection, which I want to get to know every night. Well, traditional breakfasts, lunches and dinners with international dishes are served in The Lounge. It should be noted and a simple restaurant on the terrace, where you can have a drink and eat while enjoying views of the Dubai port.

Well, what else can you do here, besides eating gourmet dishes and relaxing in your room? Of course, sunbathe on the beach. It belongs to the hotel, so extra people will definitely not interfere. Here you can easily get a sunbed and umbrella, so staying on the beach will definitely be comfortable.

This large building has not only rooms and catering facilities. Here you will find shops and a full-fledged business center with several computers. Conference rooms will please someone - here you can competently present new products or hold a mass meeting. Well, we must not forget about the spa. It consists of eight treatment rooms, each of which has windows overlooking the garden. Here you will get a massage and work on your face, and put in order a manicure, and even offer to do fitness. However, you can jump and stretch your body in a separate fitness center, which is also available here.

If we talk about sports entertainment, then you have to forget about the tennis court or volleyball court. But then the hotel owners have built a full-fledged golf course, which includes 18 holes. The hotel also offers fishing. Not necessarily from the coast, several private yachts have been allocated especially for fishing. Of course, they will offer you a tour of Dubai.

In short, this is a great hotel. The cost of living here is not very large. This is because you always feel that something is missing here. For example, car rental would not hurt (only a limousine can be rented here). There are also regularly held wedding banquets that can distract someone. But all this is just nitpicking. It is unlikely that the hotel’s small flaws will somehow affect your vacation experience.


  • Own sandy beach;
  • A large number of restaurants with dishes of different cuisines of the world;
  • It is possible to provide babysitting services;
  • There is a children's menu;
  • Charter yachts from a local yacht club are available;
  • Great spa;
  • There is a 25-meter pool;
  • All rooms are very spacious;
  • Each room has a balcony or even a terrace;
  • The hotel is near the airport;
  • Not very high cost of living.


  • There is no special entertainment for children;
  • From free food - only breakfast;
  • Russian tour operators are not working with this hotel yet.

Hilton Dubai Jumeirah

Hotel Rating (Dubai): 4.8

Another five star hotel in our ranking. Perhaps this is one of the most affordable options. Vacation packages here are not yet made out. But if you do not shy away from booking a room through the appropriate web services, you can arrange a week in a deluxe room for only 50-65 thousand rubles. Alas, only accommodation is included in this price, the hotel will not please you even with free breakfasts, this must be taken into account.

The hotel should be sought on the seafront, on the beach of Jumeirah. It takes about 20 minutes to get to the city center and to the airport. The hotel opened in October 2000. If some other Dubai hotels are located in unusually tall buildings, then here you will find an 11-story building and landscaped green area. Surprisingly, this building housed approximately three hundred rooms. Many of them are standard, but even most of them have sea views. Inside the room you should look for the usual filling, from anything unusual - only an iron with an ironing board. It is somewhat confusing that when you check into a standard room you will not be provided with Wi-Fi - access to the Internet here is paid.

Of course, the hotel is not limited to standard rooms. Business people prefer to book Executive Rooms - rooms with additional services and a lounge where breakfast is served. There are also family rooms that can accommodate two adults and three children. In these rooms you can find a living room with a folding sofa, a bedroom and a large bathroom, which includes both a bathtub and a shower.

This hotel does not have the most entertainment. There are no tennis courts or anything like that. There was no place even for the gym. But there is no problem with what to do with your children in your free time. With them you can walk around the playground. Or use the services of a mini-club in which children draw, play and do other things inherent to them. Only the children's pool is missing here. There is only an adult, but most of the time he is in the shade, because of which the water in him seems too cold.

Right at the hotel you can buy souvenirs that will again and again remind you of Dubai. There is also a beauty salon and a steam room. If we talk about food, the hotel has only two restaurants. The first prepares international dishes, while the second is appreciated by lovers of Italian dishes. You can also find several cafes and bars at the hotel. One of the bars is, as expected, near the pool.

Perhaps this is the hotel, which clearly hints that time should be spent with benefit. She regularly sends buses to Dubai malls. With their help, it will not be difficult for you to get to the sights of this city. Well, the hotel should return for sleep, nothing more. However, one of the days can be spent on sunbathing on the beach. It seems that you will definitely get tired of spending more time here.


  • You can use an iron and ironing board;
  • Free transfer to shopping centers;
  • There is a restaurant with Italian dishes;
  • There is a mini club and a playground;
  • A large number of bars;
  • The hotel is near the airport;
  • Low cost of living;
  • Own sandy beach.


  • Paid internet access;
  • The price does not include meals;
  • Pool water is not always warm;
  • Not all deposits can easily be returned.

The Retreat Palm Dubai MGallery By Sofitel

Hotel Rating (Dubai): 4.8

A momentous moment! We are starting to describe hotels whose status is 4 stars. But it might seem that there are simply no such hotels in Dubai! For a week in a classic room of this hotel they will ask for only 45 thousand rubles. Of course, this price does not include food. But worry about this is not worth it, because most of the time you will spend outside the hotel. And finding a restaurant in Dubai is not difficult. This city is literally packed with them. Of course, there are restaurants in the hotel that will provide you with healthy meals for reasonable money.

The hotel positions itself as a wellness center. This means that guests can go through relaxing and rejuvenating treatments that use the best organic products. However, no one will stop you from staying here for ordinary living. There is almost always a place - the hotel includes 255 rooms, among which there are even suites (the cost of living in them is already not so small).

The hotel’s terrace and beach offer spectacular views of the bay, with grandiose skyscrapers on its opposite side. It seems that they are so far away ... However, practice shows that you can literally get to the center of Dubai from this place in 10-20 minutes. Half an hour, and you are already near the legendary skyscraper of Burj Khalifa. Approximately the same time to go to the international airport. Mall of the Emirates can be accessed for free using the hotel’s bus.

Now it is one of the best places for people who want to spend their whole vacation on the beach. Here, even Russian-speaking staff works, which is also good news. It is nice that the beach is regularly cleaned. Well, as for the lack of specific entertainment ... There is a tennis court, a recently opened fitness center, and you can also go fishing. This is quite enough for some people. More visitors in their reviews note cleaning twice a day and good soundproofing. You can come here with children. Although if your child does not like beach holidays at all, it is better to choose some other hotel.


  • Very low cost of living;
  • The hotel offers all sorts of wellness treatments;
  • There is a beach with a gorgeous view of Dubai;
  • Regular housekeeping and beach cleaning;
  • The rooms are very spacious;
  • The staff is Russian-speaking people;
  • The city center and the airport are relatively close;
  • No noise outside the room window;
  • You can swim in the pool or sit in the jacuzzi.


  • Not much entertainment;
  • Mini club is paid separately.

Hawthorn Hotel & Suites by Wyndham JBR

Hotel Rating (Dubai): 4.7

Another four-star representative of the ranking of the best hotels in Dubai. It is located on the main street, where you can find a large number of various entertainment venues, including family ones. The hotel itself is huge, and most of its rooms offer views of the Persian Gulf.

The rooms of this hotel have a decent area and standard content. They come with satellite TV, air conditioning and even a coffee maker. Of course, each room includes an excellent bathroom, inside which you can find bathrobes and slippers.

If required, the guest can order room service. But if you don’t want to spend extra money, it is better to visit Flavors restaurant on your own. At this place, international dishes are served. If you want to try some unusual dishes, you will have to leave the hotel, visiting some other restaurants in Dubai. It remains to add that only breakfast is included in the price.

It is felt that the owners of this hotel tried to ensure that they came to their hotel for visiting shopping centers - they were within reach. But this does not mean that the hotel will be bored that you want to leave its territory as soon as possible. Here you can calmly swim in the huge pool. Or sunbathe near it, a deck chair and an umbrella should go to every person. You can also go down to the gym. It turned out to be not very large, but it has modern simulators. Well, how can you not mention the private beach? It has a decent size, and its gentle entrance to the sea consists solely of sand.

This hotel should also appeal to children. Like, but not seem perfect. Yes, there is a playground. For an additional fee, you can even order a babysitting service. However, the hotel management for some reason forgot about the mini-club. There is also no separate children's pool.


  • Great breakfasts with lots of fruits;
  • Wonderful sandy beach;
  • The restaurant has a children's menu;
  • Nice pool with sunbeds around it;
  • There is an excellent spa;
  • There is a heated pool;
  • Car rental implemented;
  • Located almost in the center of Dubai, near the airport;
  • The rooms and apartments are very spacious.


  • High cost of living;
  • Lunches and dinners - for a fee;
  • Little sports entertainment;
  • For children, relaxation here may seem boring.

JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai

Hotel Rating (Dubai): 4.7

Another hotel located right in the center of Dubai. This imposes certain restrictions on him. For example, in rooms at low altitude it is rarely possible to sleep with an open door to the balcony. The fact is that Dubai is still a large construction site. And not only big, but also around the clock. In a word, noise will definitely bother you. It is absent only at high altitudes. But the rooms on the upper floors are priced noticeably more expensive.

However, the above applies to all hotels that operate in the center of this city. But how does this hotel differ from its brothers? Perhaps, many will remember the fact that all the rooms here are approximately equally divided between two skyscrapers. Very tall skyscrapers. So high that they fit 1608 rooms. Each has a work desk, a TV and a bathroom with a deep soaking tub.

This time we will not talk about the rooms in full detail. With so many of them, it was not difficult for the hotel owners to achieve their greatest diversity. Here you can easily find a room with two toilets. Not forgotten here are apartments with a huge area in which the president of a country can safely stay.

Let's move on to nutrition. It is carried out in the Kitchen6 restaurant. A daily international buffet is served here. If you want to appreciate Indian cuisine, then a visit to the Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra restaurant is recommended. There is also a sports bar serving delicious snacks and all kinds of drinks.

Please note that the hotel offers two types of accommodation. One is that only breakfast is provided free of charge, while the second type includes dinner. We recommend the second option, albeit a little more expensive. You can refuse it only if you are a traveler at heart. In this case, you will return to the hotel only in the late evening. By the way, you can easily upload photos taken during your trips - free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel.

A hotel with so many rooms must offer a lot of entertainment. In particular, it has an outdoor pool. There is also a spa with a hammam.You can also book an excursion to local attractions. You can also note the heated pool. However, its presence seems pointless - in Dubai, sunny weather is observed almost all year round.

In fact, this is the end of the entertainment list. Camping in a night club is carried out at an additional cost. Well, car rental is not entertainment, but an urgent need. Perhaps the most disappointing is the lack of a mini club and a children's pool. If you are planning a family vacation with children, then it is better to consider another hotel. JW Marriott Marquis Hotel is for those who will not spend too much time here. For good reason, the hotel is located a five-minute drive from the city center. This is not a resort located ten kilometers from Dubai. What can I say, there is not even a private beach!


  • The rooms have a large area;
  • Available rooms are almost always;
  • Free shuttle to Dubai Mall;
  • The hotel is located near the airport and city center;
  • Buffet meals available;
  • There is an outdoor pool;
  • A modern gym is available;
  • There is a car rental;
  • Not forgotten spa.


  • There is no private beach;
  • Children here will definitely be bored;
  • No sports entertainment.

The best Dubai hotels near shopping centers

Millennium Plaza Hotel

Hotel Rating (Dubai): 4.9

This five star hotel rushes between two lights. On the one hand, it offers access to many shopping centers, restaurants and other establishments of Dubai - you can get to them not only by taxi, but also on foot. On the other hand, the hotel offers a wonderful vacation; often you do not want to leave its territory at all. Although, of course, something will certainly be missed. Most likely, the lack of a beach is felt. At first, it can be replaced by an outdoor swimming pool, around which there are a large number of sunbeds. But in the future, you still want to stay on one of the beaches of Dubai - to get to them for a relatively short time.

It should be noted that several pools have been built here. And this is right, because at the same time several hundred people can rest in such a hotel. Interestingly, there is also a heated pool. If in conditional Turkey its purpose is understandable, then in Dubai such a pool seems pointless. I am glad that the hotel owners did not forget about the children's pool! But other children's entertainments are absent here. Want animation and other children's joys? In this case, you need to consider booking a room in some other hotel.

Almost all Dubai hotels offer spacious rooms. This is no exception to the rule. Inside the room you will find a seating area with a TV and minibar, a wonderful bathroom with separate shower and tub, air conditioning and large windows. If you go outside the hotel, you can immediately notice the metro station. Perhaps this is the cheapest way to get to all the attractions of Dubai. Well, if you have rights, then you can use the car rental. Of course, this is not the cheapest pleasure.

Unfortunately, not all hotel services are included in the price. The saddest thing is paid access to the gym. But many visitors want to keep fit! Laundry and dry cleaning services, as well as room service are also available for a fee.

The cost of living in this hotel can not be called low. This is due to the fact that the Metro restaurant here is open all day using the buffet system. In a word, this is a rare case when in Dubai the price of accommodation includes not only breakfasts. Guests celebrate a wide variety of dishes at this restaurant. You can eat in other places. For example, on the roof of the hotel you can find a chic swimming pool with panoramic views of the city, near which there is a lounge area. Staying here leaves behind an extremely positive and memorable experience.


  • You can order a babysitting service;
  • There is a Russian-speaking staff;
  • The rooms are spacious;
  • There are outdoor pools;
  • There is a car rental;
  • Buffet meals;
  • There is a children's pool;
  • Located near shopping centers.


  • A visit to the gym fee - for extra money;
  • High cost of living;
  • Little children's entertainment;
  • There is no private beach.

Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai

Hotel Rating (Dubai): 4.8

In Dubai, they like to host hotels in skyscrapers. This allows guests to enjoy city views from a height directly from the window of their room. Well, Shangri-La Hotel went even further. He even provided windows with bathrooms! This allows you to bask in the bathroom, watching the sun hiding behind a nearby skyscraper. And if in the bathroom this window is usually relatively small, then panoramic windows can wait for you in the room itself!

Unlike many Dubai hotels, this representative of our rating is decorated in an Asian style. Look for it should be a ten-minute drive from the world famous Dubai Mall. Go to Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper, which you must see when you first visit Dubai.

The hotel includes 302 rooms. Each has a work desk, TV and minibar. Eating is offered in eight restaurants and bars. Here you can taste any dishes, even the most unusual ones. In the evening, you can visit the outdoor lounge area. The aforementioned Burj Khalifa skyscraper is visible here, as if in the palm of your hand. Also in this area there is a pool. Swimming in it when the sun tends to the horizon is priceless! Well, next to the pool there is a bar that allows you to try flavored hookah and enjoy signature cocktails.

Of course, Shangri-La Hotel does not only mean food, sleep and swimming. There is an excellent health club, which includes tennis and squash courts, as well as numerous fitness equipment. A visit to the spa, which offers treatments based on Chinese medicine, is still worth it.

Alas, this is a typical city hotel. This means that you should not count on the beach - you will be able to sunbathe only on the terrace. This also suggests that the hotel is less designed for long stays with children. Of course, the area of ​​the rooms allows you to move in with one or two children. For babies even provide a crib! However, as such, entertainment for children (for example, a mini-club or animation) is simply not here. A children's pool is designed for them, in the restaurant for a fee you can get dishes from the children's menu, and that’s all. You can mention the nanny, but practice shows that she rarely uses her services in such hotels.

It remains to add that the hotel is located a five-minute walk from the metro station. If you get a car or order a taxi, you can drive to Jumeirah Beach Park in the same five minutes. In short, you can easily get to the beach to sunbathe under the sun. Well, it takes about 15 minutes to get to the international airport.


  • Shopping centers, metro and airport are very close;
  • A huge number of restaurants and bars;
  • There is an outdoor pool;
  • The rooms offer excellent views of Dubai;
  • There is a gym and spa;
  • There is a car rental;
  • Children's pool available;
  • You can call the nanny.


  • Almost all entertainment is paid separately;
  • The cost of living cannot be called low;
  • Little children's entertainment;
  • There is no private beach.

Sheraton Grand Hotel, Dubai

Hotel Rating (Dubai): 4.8

Another representative of our rating, whose windows overlook the city center. However, it should be noted that the rooms are low enough, which slightly spoils the impression. However, during your stay in Dubai, no one will bother you to visit the observation platform, which is available at many of the most famous skyscrapers.

This hotel is located on Sheikh Zayed Road Highway. A ten minute walk from the hotel you can find the metro station. You can also get to the main attractions and shopping centers by taxi. If you are interested in the distance from the international airport, then the trip will take about 20 minutes. Drive the same number to the Dubai Mall, which we mentioned more than once.

The hotel itself offers comfortable and spacious rooms. And not only them, also full-fledged apartments are available here! In favor of the latter, you should make your choice if you prefer to cook food yourself.

Like many other Dubai hotels, smoking is prohibited here. This is great news for those who don't like the smell of tobacco. There is a pool on the roof of the hotel. It is curious that it is equipped with heating. Therefore, it is possible to swim comfortably in it even after sunset! Other amenities include free Wi-Fi in rooms, catering facilities and other facilities.

Every room in the hotel will be pleased with modern interiors. After living in such a place, you will definitely begin to consider your apartment obsolete. Like any other five-star hotel, Sheraton Grand Hotel offers every visitor a TV, a huge bed and a luxuriously furnished bathroom. And the guest will be able to use the coffee machine - not all rooms of competing hotels are equipped with it.

As you already understood, this is a city hotel. You can’t dream of any beach. But finding a city beach in Dubai will not be difficult, so there is no need to worry much. There is no children's pool here. It is sad. It is noticeable that this hotel does not recommend checking into a room with children at all - you run the risk of regularly stating that they are tired or bored.

In fact, the hotel is nothing special. By the standards of Dubai, this is a simple hotel with friendly staff. Someone even speaks Russian! I am glad that at least a fitness center is present here. Doing stretching and other physical exercises will cause only positive emotions, because at the same time you will watch the city, the view of which opens from a panoramic window. There is also a spa center, which some women will definitely visit. Yes, and men, too, because the spa has a sauna.


  • There is an outdoor pool;
  • There is a spa with sauna and jacuzzi;
  • Spacious rooms
  • There is a restaurant and bar;
  • The hotel has a mini market;
  • You can do fitness;
  • The staff is Russian-speaking people;
  • Buffet breakfast
  • Each room has a coffee maker;
  • The hotel is located near the center of Dubai.


  • There is no private beach;
  • There is no entertainment for children;
  • A modest list of services.

Roda Al Bustan Hotel

Hotel Rating (Dubai): 4.7

Completes our rating is another hotel with the status of "5 stars". This is the hotel closest to the international airport, the distance to it is only 1 km. On the one hand, this is a plus, because you do not need to get to the hotel for a long time, and then go back. On the other hand, you will regularly see low flying and buzzing aircraft. You can forget about a night sleep with an open window to the balcony. However, it will be even interesting for someone to admire the planes, because even huge airliners, which you rarely see live, land here.

All rooms at the Dubai Hotel are decorated in soft earth tones. Here you can enjoy watching satellite TV, working at a quality desk and relaxing in a deep bath. Bathrobes, slippers and coffee making facilities are also provided. Some rooms have access to the swimming pool. It is open, and around it there is everything necessary for tanning. The water temperature is regulated here, so you definitely will not freeze.

Grab a bite to eat at one of the seven restaurants on site. They serve Japanese, Thai, Libyan and international cuisines. The pool also has a bar serving light snacks and drinks.

Children can also splash around in the pool. Unfortunately, there is no other entertainment for them - Dubai hotels rarely practice animation or something like that. Adults can play tennis or squash. It is a pity that the equipment will have to be rented for money. There is also a car rental, so you can get transport for a more thorough study of the country. You can also note the spa, where you can get massage, manicure and pedicure.


  • Great temperature controlled pool;
  • A large number of restaurants;
  • Buffet breakfast
  • The staff includes a Russian-speaking person;
  • The hotel is located near the city center;
  • There is a spa;
  • There is a children's pool;
  • You can play squash or tennis;
  • Gym is not forgotten.


  • There is no private beach;
  • Someone will not like such proximity to the airport;
  • Little fun for the kids.


This is a list of the best hotels located in Dubai. As you understand, the United Arab Emirates are able to surprise, offering amazing views and almost perfect relaxation. And almost all hotels have a serious drawback. Staying here is damn expensive. But what to do ... You understand that you are going to a country for which oil production is an incredibly trifling matter.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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