10 best dolls for girls

* Review of the best according to the editors of ecdfburma.org. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Dolls for girls are the main toy that awakens the natural female instinct to be a mother, from an early age. The game takes place intuitively, but mainly according to the correct scenario: to change clothes, ride, swing, tell a fairy tale. Today's market offers a wide selection of dolls: ordinary dolls, cartoony and model Barbie, Katie, interactive dolls who can speak and even soft textile "kids". Ecdfburma experts present a rating of the most interesting doll models that children really like, and are also highly rated by parents.

Rating of the best dolls for girls

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best classic dolls 1 Bella by Munecas Antonio Juan 5 890 ₽
2 Gotz Katie 11 990 ₽
Best Model Dolls 1 Barbie DHL82 Unlimited Movement 1 809 ₽
2 Mattel Disney Princess 590 ₽
The best interactive dolls 1 Zapf Creation Baby Born Sister 43 cm 820-704 3 670 ₽
2 Antonio Juan Bella with coupling 42 cm 1669 4 737 ₽
3 Zapf Creation Baby Anabelle 43 cm 794-821 5 690 ₽
4 Spring Alice 22 55 cm B3022 / o 2 156 ₽
Best stuffed dolls 1 Spiegelburg baby glück 1 469 ₽
2 Masha Doll from Multi-Remote 1 099 ₽

The best classic dolls

Cute baby dolls, similar to children, with proportional features of the face and body - such dolls are in the highest demand among the parents of young girls, as well as young ladies who are interested in the role-play of the mother-daughter. The classic version of the toy is considered to be developing not only for instincts, but also for the perception of a beautiful, aesthetic taste, because the doll does not have fake and surreal attributes in appearance, and the outfits for it are quite organic and look like the clothes of a hostess.

Bella by Munecas Antonio Juan

Rating: 4.9

The first Bell doll in the ranking by Spanish designer Munecas Antonio Juan. She was created in a proportional body with a height of 45 cm, the artists made a pretty face for her with beautiful features, long eyelashes in her eyes, and nice touch hair on her head, with which you can do different hairstyles. The body of the doll is made of special polyvinyl chloride - plastisol, groping like a real baby skin, which adds realism to the game.

The Bell series of dolls is the little ones with the same face, but in different outfits from Munecas Antonio Juan, which determine the value of the toy. The cheapest model will cost 3000 rubles, expensive - more than 6000 rubles.


  • Harmonious proportions and detailed elaboration of the body;
  • Eyes open and close when changing body position;
  • Interesting outfits;
  • The doll can be set, planted;
  • Nice to touch body material and hair.


  • High price.

Gotz Katie

Rating: 4.8

The second place in the rating went to the doll of German-Chinese origin Katie from the brand Gotz. Her height is 50 cm, and her face is worked out in detail: realistic proportions framed by eyelashes, calm facial expression, slightly upturned nose and plump lips. The girl doll does not look like a baby doll, it is rather a model of a 5-7-year-old girl, dressed in a stylish dress, tights, slippers and a hat, complete the image of black-framed glasses. Katie is stylish and playful, suitable for role-playing games and for collecting realistic dolls by lovers, including German girls from Gotz.

The cost of Katya "biting" is about 10,000 rubles, but users note the frequent deliveries of toys with a small marriage. For the money I want to get a really high-quality doll.


  • Stylish doll with an elegant look in a classic style;
  • Sustainability;
  • High growth 50 cm;
  • Pleasant workmanship.


  • The price is very high;
  • Marriage occurs, especially eyelashes fly by.

Best Model Dolls

A variety of doll models were not originally intended for children, but it was among young girls who were tired of playing with small dolls who found popularity. Probably, the point is in the desire to grow up more quickly, but this is on hand for manufacturers - today there is a huge selection of dolls with adults, but not always the right proportions, which understand the exaggerated forms of top models.

Barbie DHL82 Unlimited Movement

Rating: 4.9

In a wide range of Barbie dolls, the attention of experts was attracted by the Barbie model “Unlimited movements” with a standard height of 29 cm. Its feature is the movable joints of the arms and legs, which can be bent, giving the model any position and posture from simple sitting to intricate yoga asanas. With a doll you can do fitness or arrange an interesting photo shoot - the toy will become a true friend for any girl.

Barbie has bright expressive eyes and long hair, so in between difficult posing you can arrange master classes in hairdressing. The doll is dressed in a sporty pink top with a blue hem on the bottom and black breeches. It is combined with any sets of toys from the same series "Limitless Movements".

You can buy a Barbie doll Unlimited movements, 29 cm, DHL82 for an average of 1,300 rubles.


  • Movable limbs, giving the doll any pose;
  • Compatibility with toys of the same series "Limitless movements";
  • Attractive appearance and stylish clothes;
  • Barbie in this series is hard to break.


  • A relatively high price due to the complex design of the doll.

Mattel Disney Princess

Rating: 4.8

Mattel presents a series of dolls based on the Disney animation: Elsa, Princess Anna from the Frozen film, Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, Medira, Ariel. These are dolls 28-29 cm high with an identical body structure, they differ in hair length and color, slightly facial features, as well as clothing. Princesses can be separately purchased game sets of houses, horses, castles, all of them can be combined with each other due to similar sizes. It is worth noting: the collection also has small pupae with a height of only 10 cm.

The faces of the dolls are kind and open, the eyes are large, but not all models have the makeup done neatly. The legs and arms are not hinged, but in the main joints they can be moved, for example, to plant the princess. By the way, the pupae are stable, they can even be set. There are no joints inside the elbows and knees.

The cost of Disney dolls in the full-size series starts at 576 rubles, mini-models - from 1100 rubles for a pair set.


  • A wide range of princess dolls;
  • Suitable for all game sets for Disney princesses;
  • The same design of the base doll, different clothes, hair color and makeup;
  • You can buy a doll quite inexpensively.


  • Not all dolls have neat makeup;
  • Many princesses are very expensive.

The best interactive dolls

Girls from 2-3 years old are interested in not just playing with the doll in their mother-daughter, children want to learn the world and communicate. Interactive dolls can help with this, they can behave like real children: drink, eat, sleep, all processes are accompanied by appropriate voice acting.

Zapf Creation Baby Born Sister 43 cm 820-704

Rating: 4.9

The first in the rating category doll from Zapf Creation of the Baby Born series of the Sister model, 43 cm tall. She is the novelty of the world-famous line of interactive dolls for girls from 3 years old. Sister is a blonde with long hair, her legs are bent at the knees, therefore, you can plant as you like, and set - the toy keeps balance well.

In addition to the usual closing of the eyes, the Sister can drink, and then cry with tears from the drunk liquid. You can take the doll with you for water procedures or arrange them separately during the role-playing game, and then put on a bright pink blouse and unusual trousers, and sneakers on the legs. Although Sister doesn’t look like a baby doll, you can play with her as if with a little sister or daughter. The set contains jewelry, a comb and a bottle for feeding.

The price of the doll Zapf Creation Baby Born Sister 43 cm 820-704 is about 6 000 rubles.


  • The doll drinks, cries like a real baby;
  • Good foot stability;
  • The legs are bent at the knees;
  • All internal parts are isolated from water, the toy can be bathed;
  • Proportional body and face.


  • High price;
  • Knees can fail with frequent flexion and extension.

Antonio Juan Bella with coupling 42 cm 1669

Rating: 4.8

In second place is the doll doll for babies from 2 years old by Bella from the Antonio Juan brand. Her height is only 42 cm, like a real baby, she also knows how to cry thanks to high-quality and realistic voice acting, calms down when a nipple is inserted into her mouth. Bella’s eyes do not close, she doesn’t know how to drink, this is due to the unusual performance of the toy - it is soft-packed, the head, arms and legs are made of vinyl. A doll from Antonio Juan is dressed in a dress with delicate pink lace, insulated with a blouse and a hat, a manto for warming pens on cold days is attached to the kit.

Bell's doll is made realistically, on the body you can find all the folds like a real child. Even her hair color is natural, the strands are soft and curly.

You can also buy an Antonio Juan Bella doll with a coupling of 42 cm 1669 from 4737 rubles.


  • Realistic execution of a chrysalis;
  • Voice of crying and reassurance;
  • Beautiful clothes;
  • Soft body.


  • High price;
  • The doll is not standing, just lying or sitting.

Zapf Creation Baby Anabelle 43 cm 794-821

Rating: 4.7

Baby doll Zabf Creation's Baby Anabelle, similar to a real baby, repeats all the prototype actions: cries with tears, cries, rejoices and laughs through voice acting, spits up and even walks on the potty after feeding. Communication with the toy is completely interactive: to put Anabel to bed, you need to shake it, during activity - play rattles, feed from a complete bottle-drinker, give a dummy. Bobblehead is dressed in a pink jumpsuit and hat, a bib is attached to it, as well as an ornament. The body is soft, without clothes it does not look aesthetically pleasing - it is rather rough tailoring, but in the body it is invisible.

The doll's weight is 1.85 kg, it is evenly distributed over the entire length of the body 43 cm for comfortable socks, convenient for the child. The doll works from 4 AA batteries, which discharge quite quickly. The cost of Zapf Creation Baby Anabelle 43 cm 794-821 is about 5,000 rubles.


  • A doll with realistic facial expressions and a face structure;
  • Can be bottle fed;
  • High-quality voice acting;
  • The doll drinks, cries, walks on the potty.


  • Not the best quality tailoring is hidden under clothes;
  • For a baby, a weight of 1.8 kg can be tiring.

Spring Alice 22 55 cm B3022 / o

Rating: 4.6

On the fourth place in the rating is a domestic-made doll with a minimum set of capabilities Alisa Vesna 22, which belongs to the series “My Favorite Doll”. The toy can only speak a few phrases in Russian, to hear them, you need to press a button on the stomach. The big eyes of the doll are closed when laying, the pretty face is made in a typical doll style with not quite standard proportions, unlike the body.

The main emphasis was productively made on clothes: a silk dress with a cut at the waist and a flared skirt, it is decorated with a stand-up collar, a cardigan, a hat and leggings, on the legs are neat shoes in which Alice can stand. Details of jewelry and the possibility of removing clothes with dressing up dolls are designed to develop creative imagination and fine motor skills of girls from 3 years old. Spring Alice 22 is equipped with a small knitted bag with a satin lining, so as not to lose it, the manufacturer tied the accessory to his hand. Careful study of the details of the image and appearance makes the doll interesting for the game and the development of imagination.

You can buy a doll Vesna Alisa 22 55 cm B3022 / o for 1 900 rubles.


  • The appearance and clothes carefully thought out to the smallest detail;
  • Optimal price;
  • The doll "knows" a few phrases;
  • Pretty appearance;
  • Long hair, you can do hairstyles.


  • Of the interactive functions, only a few phrases.

Best stuffed dolls

Soft toys are intended for children up to a year and older - it is virtually impossible to get hurt by them, they are completely safe for kids, they are aimed at developing tactile perception. The best dolls in the form of peanuts and animals from stuffed soft material in the next rating category.

Spiegelburg baby glück

Rating: 4.8

German toys for the smallest ones from the Spiegelburg brand of the Baby Glück series are diverse dolls: tumblers, wheelchairs, rattles with soft skin, teethers in the form of tots, cars, helicopters, baby dolls, mushrooms and animals. Some models have a sound module, by clicking on which you can hear music or a story. All toys are made of soft material with a filler, they can be washed (except for products with a sound module).

The materials used are completely safe, they are painted with pastel colors, contributing to the development of color perception of babies. The size of Baby Glück dolls is not more than 20 cm, it is these toys that are convenient to hold in small hands. The product line will satisfy any demand, it has dolls for both boys and girls. The only drawback of the series is the high price of products - from 1,000 rubles for the most compact teether for teeth. A gnome doll can be purchased for 1300 rubles.


  • A wide range of toys for every taste;
  • Soft color;
  • Natural and safe tailoring fabrics;
  • There are instances with music blocks;
  • Compact convenient sizes for the smallest pens.


  • The high price of toys and dolls of the Baby Glück series.

Masha Doll from Multi-Remote

Rating: 4.7

The rights to sewing the famous Masha from the domestic cartoon received the company Multi-Remote. A soft doll with a height of 28 cm is incredibly similar to its prototype: a mischievous blonde with big eyes and a proportionally small body sewn from soft fabric with elastic filler. Masha is dressed in a bright dress and scarf, shoes - all made according to the sketches of animators. Not all kids know the real Masha for up to a year, but they will definitely like the toy. A nice addition is the sound block: by clicking on the button in the stomach, you can hear a song from Masha. It's nice that to buy a doll from Multi-Remote for only 663 rubles is the most inexpensive doll in our rating.


  • The doll completely repeats the image of the prototype - Masha from the cartoon;
  • The braid can be braided in its own way;
  • High-quality tailoring;
  • Music block with songs from Masha from the cartoon.


  • Do not wash without removing the module.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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