7 best paints for metal

* Review of the best according to the editors of ecdfburma.org. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Metal is a strong building material from which various structures can be formed. It is used as a frame for the house, door frames, furniture and stairs. In the courtyard of a private house, you can often find an iron gate, a fence, a garage. The only drawback of the material is oxidation upon contact with moisture, as a result of which the carbon steel rusts. We present you a rating of the best paints for metal, which have high adhesion to a solid material and form a strong protective film. Products are selected by analyzing the characteristics of our experts and taking into account the opinions of customers in the reviews.

How to choose a paint for metal

Choosing a paint for metal, many think only about its color, not suspecting the existence of important characteristics that affect the application process and subsequent operation. Here are the main parameters that you should pay attention to when choosing enamel for metal structures:

  1. Application Temperature. In order for the paint to easily lie on the metal and evenly distribute, a suitable ambient temperature is required. For some compounds it is +10 degrees, while for others it is +1, which expands the possibilities for use for street work in the cool season.
  2. Operating temperature. After hardening, the paint layer retains its color without yellowness to a certain temperature. For alkyd paints, the indicator is 80 degrees, for acrylics 120º, and for polyurethane paints up to 150º.
  3. Dilution. To prepare for the use of water-soluble paints, water is required and they do not emit an unpleasant odor. Dilution with a solvent slightly increases the cost of painting a square meter and is more toxic at the time of application.
  4. Surface requirement. Some types of enamel need to be applied only to a cleaned and degreased surface, others are allowed to be painted even by rust. This is achieved through special substances in the composition, transforming existing corrosion and stopping it.
  5. Drying time. The indicator varies from 5 to 12 hours and affects the duration of the work and the commissioning of the structure.
  6. Application Method. Some products are suitable for a brush, which is practical in the case of a small painted area and a complex contour of the product. Other enamels are allowed to be applied with a roller or spray gun, and this speeds up the process and is optimal for large and even structures.
  7. Hiding power. Costs depend on the consumption of the coloring material. Spreading rate can be from 7 to 13 m² per liter.
  8. Gloss degree. In addition to the color of the paint, there is a degree of gloss, where there are matte, semi-gloss, glossy, semi-glossy options. All this in its own way affects the appearance of the painted parts.

Rating of the best paints for metal

The rating presents paints for metal from various components. The TOP includes goods based on alkyd resins obtained by cooking oils, and acrylic enamels. All products are suitable for carbon non-alloy steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper and galvanized surfaces.

Nomination a place Name of product price per liter
Rating of the best paints for metal 1Alpina Direkt Auf Rost 770 ₽
2Tikkurila panssarimaali 990 ₽
3Hammerite 3 in 1 1270 ₽
4Pantolac stancolac 750 ₽
5Teknos KIRJO AQUA 1135 ₽
6Hammerite hammer 800 ₽
7Tikkurila metallista 800 ₽

Alpina Direkt Auf Rost

Rating: 4.9

The first place in the ranking is occupied by the product from the German company Caparol, manufactured under the Alpina brand. Enamel is suitable for external and internal use. In the first case, three layers are needed, and in the second, two are enough to reliably protect the metal from corrosion. It is possible to paint surfaces with a brush, a spray under pressure or a roller. The main requirement is an air temperature of +5 degrees. The paint is consumed 100-120 ml per 1 square meter and dries in 6-8 hours, after which a second coat can be applied. Thanks to the alkyd base, the substance is easily distributed over the surface and does not form sagging. According to the variety of colors, there are 13 options where users in reviews like gold that looks very natural.

Our experts assigned the product the first place in the rating due to their anti-corrosion properties - even rusty metal can be painted without preliminary treatment. This saves time when updating the decorative layer on the fence, gates and doors. Another product is positioned as 3 in 1, which allows it to be used immediately as a primer and as a topcoat.


  • 13 color options;
  • unpretentiousness to surface quality;
  • can be used for primer and top coat;
  • universality in the method of application.


  • high cost - one layer per m² will cost 83 r;
  • only small containers of 750 ml and 2.5 l;
  • there is an unpleasant odor;
  • reliable protection of the product from the wind is required, since dust can adhere within 2-3 hours after painting.

Tikkurila panssarimaali

Rating: 4.8

The Finnish product from a well-known brand received the second place in the rating. The paint is made on an alkyd basis and contains an anti-corrosion pigment that corrodes rust on metal. The surface does not need to be cleaned, but can be painted immediately. After drying, the metal has a semi-gloss finish. Consumption is 8-12 m² from 1 liter. It is necessary to dilute the paint with a solvent, and painting objects is allowed with a brush or spray gun. Application by roller is allowed, but after it, alignment with a brush is necessary. The product is available in packaging from 900 ml to 18 liters. Buyers in the reviews are happy that this paint lasts up to 8-10 years and does not have to do the painstaking work of caring for the metal on the street every year.

We included the product in the rating for high resistance to moisture and ultraviolet radiation. Thanks to these properties, paint can be used to paint metal roofs and gutters. The decorative layer easily tolerates snow and rain. Enamel holds color for a long time and looks rich.


  • can be applied on a galvanized surface;
  • active pigment against corrosion;
  • tested in harsh Finnish climatic conditions;
  • good texture, not leaving streaks;
  • service life up to 8-10 years.


  • high price;
  • White spirit of the same manufacturer is required;
  • there are no ready-made flowers - only tinting, for which you will have to pay extra.

Hammerite 3 in 1

Rating: 4.8

In third place in the ranking is goods from a Polish company. The paint is positioned as 3 in 1 and is suitable for priming, filling the middle layer and topcoat. This simplifies the work and increases the security of the metal used on the street. In the manufacture of the product, the new Dual Tech technology was used, which has few analogues among competitors. Here, not only alkyd resin, but also oily wax is responsible for protecting the metal from moisture. The masters in the reviews like that the paint lays down without drips and dries quickly within 2 hours. After hardening of the decorative layer, the painted elements have a glossy gloss that increases the presentability of the product. This is the best paint for finishing wrought iron window grilles, visors and fences on balconies so that designs look advantageous.

We put the paint in the rating of the best because of the presence of wax. This natural component increases resistance to moisture, therefore the metal receives double protection against rain and snow. Iron structures painted with Hammerit 3 in 1 are guaranteed to last without corrosion for up to 8 years. The presence of wax in the composition makes the metal less easily soiled.


  • rich palette of colors - 17 shades;
  • the surface becomes less dirty;
  • water on iron structures does not spread, but is kept in drops, which reduces the area of ​​its impact and promotes natural runoff;
  • unpretentious to the method of application.


  • consumption from 73 to 180 rubles. for 1 m²;
  • it is recommended to degrease the surface;
  • need a solvent for dilution;
  • prints are clearly visible.

Pantolac stancolac

Rating: 4.7

The fourth place is given to Greek products made from alkyd resins and synthetic additives. The product is weather resistant. Paint can be distributed over the metal with a roller or brush. When using a spray gun, a nozzle with a diameter of 4 mm is required. To the decorative layer lasted up to 8 years, a thickness of up to 80-100 microns is recommended. At a street temperature of + 20º, the surface will dry for 5 hours, after which you can begin to apply the second layer. Before starting the painting, cleaning from rust is not required. The consumption of the substance is 9-10 m² per liter. The decorative layer is completely rejected after 96 hours. Only the white version is on sale, and the rest is obtained by tinting.

Our experts decided to add paint to the rating due to their high resistance to water. Under static exposure, for example, when the painted metal is completely immersed in a liquid, the iron will remain inaccessible to moisture for 24 hours. This is the best option for painting forged fences and gates with many complex elements that retain water on themselves.


  • suitable for steel, aluminum, copper and galvanizing;
  • converts corrosion;
  • high mechanical strength;
  • supports surface bending up to 1 mm per meter without cracking;
  • resistance to burnout.


  • work can be carried out at a temperature of +10 degrees;
  • it is recommended to degrease the surface;
  • need very good ventilation of the room;
  • there are no ready-made flowers - only tinting.


Rating: 4.6

In fifth place in our ranking is another Finnish product. The metal paint is made from an acrylate base, which is why it is much more resistant to weathering than competitors. The composition contains anti-corrosion pigments. The substance is suitable for painting new sheet metal and repairing previously coated surfaces. Paint is available in two bases for tinting in light and dark colors. The dry residue by volume is 38%. Buyers in the reviews like that the metal dries out after 60 minutes at a temperature of +23 degrees. Enamel can be transferred to iron using a brush or spray.

We included paint on metal in the rating of the best, since it can be diluted with water up to 15% without loss of properties. This gives significant savings (in fact, buyers get 15% of the finished paint for free) and makes it easier to wash tools after work. She can also be painted with metal that was previously coated industrially (Purex, Pural, polyester, acrylic).


  • dries off in 1 hour;
  • each layer gives a thickness of 40 microns;
  • high density of the substance - 1.2 g / ml;
  • you can wash the tool with water.


  • available in white base - other colors need to be tinted;
  • consumption of 7-8 m² per liter;
  • not suitable for paint rollers.

Hammerite hammer

Rating: 4.5

On the sixth place of the rating is a product from a Polish manufacturer, whose name Hammerite has become a household name for all paints with a combined black and color effect. Enamel consists of alkyd varnish, light-resistant pigments, anticorrosive active components and functional additives. There is no lead in it, which is what customers like in reviews. You can paint the metal at a temperature of +5 degrees. Allowed any type of application. The second layer can pass through 4-6 hours. Paint is available in containers of 250 and 750 ml, as well as 2.5 and 5 liters, which is convenient for iron objects of different sizes.

Our experts liked the product due to its unusual appearance after drying. The metal surface looks like hand-minted with a hammer. Such an effect is very attractive and distinguishes the product from monophonic enamels of competitors. According to the color scheme, 11 paint options are available, each of which has a hammer effect. We recommend enamel for metal doors in order to visually hide small roughnesses of the fabric that occur during operation.


  • resistant to gasoline, oils and household chemicals;
  • easy to apply;
  • does not need preliminary metal cleaning;
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use.


  • very high cost;
  • Hammerite solvent required
  • hiding power 8 m².

Tikkurila metallista

Rating: 4.5

Our rating is completed by goods from the Finnish brand Tikkurila. This is a glossy paint produced in several bases for tinting. You can create 32,000 color options. After hardening, the enamel can withstand temperatures up to 80 degrees without losing its color. The paint layer is resistant to light, which customers like in reviews. Enamel dries to stick in 1-2 hours. To get started, you need to dilute the paint with a solvent. The product is sold in small containers from 400 ml to 2.5 liters. For staining, you can use any tool.

Our experts put the paint in the rating due to the content of natural wax. The double composition provides improved protection against moisture, and iron structures will last up to 10 years without the need for re-staining for this period. We recommend products for garden fencing, as well as objects in industrial facilities, since the paint can withstand the effects of turpentine, methylated spirit, lubricating oils and various fats.


  • forms an insoluble protective layer;
  • double chemical formula;
  • keeps spread of existing rust;
  • no preliminary metal preparation is required.


  • capacity no more than 2.5 l;
  • the cost of painting 1 m² will cost 105-200 rubles .;
  • in finished form, only 4 colors;
  • diluted with solvent.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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