13 best CPU coolers

* Review of the best according to the editors of ecdfburma.org. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

The processor heats up intensively during operation. This is due to the laws of physics and there is no way around them. Coolers, in turn, are designed to cool the processor to a temperature at which it will function normally. We have compiled a rating of the best coolers that are suitable for use with almost any processor - from the simple Celeron for an office typewriter to the high-performance Intel Core i7-7700K, which to this day remains one of the best gaming chips.

How to choose a cooler for the processor

The cooler for the processor must be carefully selected. Otherwise, he will not cope with his "duties." Overheating of the processor, in turn, leads to a drop in performance, shutdown the computer or damage the chip itself.

Active, passive and liquid cooling

Cooling can be organized in one of three types - active, passive and liquid.

Active cooling system involves the use of a radiator and fan. The first is installed on the processor. The plumage of the radiator is heated by the "chip", after which it cools by air currents. The effectiveness of the active cooling system depends on the materials from which the heat pipes are made, as well as on the performance of the fan.

So, the most effective are copper warm-water tubes with copper or aluminum plumage. But exclusively aluminum radiators are suitable for cooling unless old or budget processors like Celeron or Pentium lines.

The disadvantage of the active cooling system is that it needs a constant flow of "cool" air inside the case. Otherwise, other components of the motherboard may overheat. Therefore, the system unit must be installed so that air circulates freely around it.

In addition, the effectiveness of active cooling decreases when the radiator becomes clogged with dust.

The liquid cooling system is structurally similar to the active one. Only instead of a radiator, a contact plate and special tubes with a heat-transfer fluid (often ordinary water) are used. The fans are placed in a separate unit, which is exposed outside the system unit. Due to this, there are no special requirements for installing the system unit, and the performance of the cooling system does not drop over time.

The disadvantage of a liquid cooling system is perhaps the high cost.

Passive cooling consists only of a radiator. Heat from the processor is dissipated naturally through convection inside the system unit. The performance of such a cooling system leaves much to be desired, therefore it is used exclusively with slightly warming chips - old or mobile, including laptop or ultra-small.

When choosing the type of cooling system should be guided by the purpose of the computer:

  1. Office "typewriter" with an old or low-power processor - a passive radiator is suitable;

  2. "Normal" or "gaming" computer - active cooling;

  3. Gaming computer with top-end components - liquid cooling.

What to look for when choosing a cooler

The main criteria for choosing a cooler are a compatible socket and power dissipation.

  1. Since processors differ not only in performance, but also in size, it is important to consider the compatibility of the socket and cooler. Socket - the size and form factor of the chip itself, as well as the placement of mounts for the cooling system on the motherboard. If it is not compatible with the cooler, installing the latter simply will not work. You can find out which socket is used from the technical specifications of the processor and motherboard, as well as through the AIDA64 program or the like.

  2. Power Dissipation - The performance of the cooling system. It shows how much heat can be removed by the cooler. Power dissipation must be greater than processor heat dissipation (TDP). Both of these parameters are measured in watts, so it is not difficult to compare them.

The remaining parameters are optional and do not have much significance when choosing a cooler.


The quality of the materials used, the durability of the cooler and the additional functions of the cooling system depend on the manufacturer. Therefore, it is advisable to choose devices from trusted companies.

We included in our rating cooling systems from renowned manufacturers such as Noctua, Zalman, Thermalright, Deepcool, Prolimatech and Arctic Cooling.

Rating of the best coolers for the processor

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best tower coolers for gaming systems and overclocking 1 Noctua NH-U14S 5 500 ₽
2 Zalman CNPS9900DF 4 190 ₽
3 Noctua NH-D15 7 660 ₽
4Thermalright Macho Rev.B 5 090 ₽
The best coolers of the middle class up to 3000 rubles 1 Zalman CNPS10X Performa 2 111 ₽
2 Deepcool assassin ii 3 970 ₽
3 Deepcool gammaxx 300 1 150 ₽
4 Thermalright Macho Rev. A 3 350 ₽
5 Noctua NH-L9i 2 756 ₽
Best Passive Cooling Systems 1 Prolimatech Megahalems Rev. C 3 920 ₽
The best processor water cooling systems 1 Thermaltake Water 3.0 Ultimate 9 273 ₽
2 Deepcool Captain 360 EX 6 290 ₽
3 Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer 120 5 990 ₽

The best tower coolers for gaming systems and overclocking

A tower cooler is a type of active cooling system. Its design involves placing the fan on the side of the radiator, so that heat is dissipated more efficiently. The main thing is to choose the right direction for blowing hot air.

An important advantage of a tower cooler is the preservation of the performance of the radiator over time. The plumage is not covered by dust, so that the efficiency of blowing does not drop.

Noctua NH-U14S

Rating: 4.8

Why first place: High performance, wide compatibility with sockets, virtually silent operation.

Description: Opens the rating tower cooler Noctua NH-U14S - one of the best active cooling systems on the market. At a relatively low price, it provides a maximum power dissipation of 220 W, which makes it compatible with high-performance and overclocked processors. The mounting pad can be installed on the chips of the most popular sockets of the LGA, AM and FM series, including LGA1151 (which is used in the Intel Atom Coffee Lake line).

The design of the radiator includes six copper tubes, direct contact heat pipes and aluminum plumage. Moreover, the plates are not welded to the tubes, but pressed with them, which ensures efficient transfer of heat.

The fan is based on a bearing with magnetic centering. The maximum speed is 1500 rpm, and the regulator of this number is internal. The fan provides an air flow of 82.52 CFM, but the volume is not higher than 24.6 dB.


  • High-performance and at the same time almost silent;

  • The kit includes a mounting structure, bolts, thermal grease and everything you need for installation;

  • A working resource of 150 thousand hours, a manufacturer's warranty of 6 years.


  • Heavy;

  • Oversized - can block the PCI slot or RAM slots;

  • When used with overclocked or “hot” chips, the complete thermal grease is better to replace with another.

Zalman CNPS9900DF

Rating: 4.7

Why second place: High performance and compact design, but relatively high noise level.

Description: In the Zalman model CNP9900DF, the manufacturing company used a radiator of a design non-standard for tower coolers. The plumage is located radially, and the fans (there are two here) are somewhat “recessed” into the plates. According to the manufacturer, this design provides better heat dissipation and a smaller dispersion area while maintaining efficiency.

The nominal maximum power dissipation is 300 watts. But such a value is provided only with open installation, in a system unit with a side wall installed, this parameter drops by about 25-30%. Nevertheless, even this is enough for most modern processors, including gaming.

The radiator is completely copper - and three direct-contact heat pipes, and plumage plates. The fans are equipped with direct bearings, providing rotation speeds of up to 1400 rpm at a nominal volume of up to 27 dB.


  • Compact; nothing closes during installation;

  • It cools processors of stock configuration well;

  • The richest equipment in the rating, including thermal grease, fasteners, bolts and a screwdriver.


  • Not suitable for overclocked processors, because it lacks performance;

  • Noisy loudly under high load;

  • It is difficult to install, it is better to mount it on a removed motherboard.

Noctua NH-D15

Rating: 4.6

Why third place: Powerful, quiet, with 6 direct-contact heat pipes, but relatively expensive.

Description: Noctua NH-D15 cooler is a good solution for computers that are equipped with the latest multi-core processors (for example, Intel Core i9 or overclocked Intel Core i7). The device provides effective cooling thanks to an air flow of 82.52 CFM, 6 copper direct-contact heat pipes in the radiator and two fans with a rotation speed of up to 1500 rpm. At the same time, the cooler is compatible with most processors - it can be installed on almost all sockets of the LGA, AM and FM series.

Like the leader of the rating, this cooler is equipped with a brand-name radiator - copper heat pipes are connected to the aluminum plumage by pressing. The sole is also copper, polished to a mirror condition. Heat pipes are nickel plated for better corrosion protection.

The fans are based on bearings with magnetic centering, which ensures silence during operation.


  • Perfectly cools both overclocked and multi-core processors;

  • Easy installation. Everything you need for installation is included;

  • Quiet fans even under high load.


  • Huge! Use with standard height memory or with cooling will not work. Install in a narrow case - too;

  • Boring, unattractive design;

  • Flimsy plumage of the radiator plumage, so the cooler requires caution during installation.

Thermalright Macho Rev.B

Rating: 4.5

Why fourth place: A good cooler for stock, including multi-core, processors, but it can not cope with overclocked cooling.

Description: Closes the rating of one of the most classic tower coolers designed for use with gaming and multi-core (6, 8 cores) processors - Thermalright Macho Rev.B. The device dissipates up to 280 watts of heating power, is equipped with six direct contact heat pipes, aluminum plumage of the radiator and one fan, which works almost silently even at maximum speeds.

The fan rotation speed is from 300 to 1300 rpm, and the air flow rate is 16.9-73.6 CFM, respectively. The speed controller is external, so that specific performance can be configured independently for the processor or tasks used. The cooler is compatible with almost all existing chips and can be installed on LGA, AM sockets (including the latest AM4) and FM.


  • High performance and quiet operation;

  • Relatively low price (lower than that of the predecessors from the list);

  • Compact, but the fan can close the first RAM slot.


  • Lower than that of "colleagues", productivity;

  • Assembly and installation may be difficult, but the instructions are included;

  • Tall, 165 mm, it is worth considering when choosing.

The best coolers of the middle class up to 3000 rubles

Zalman CNPS10X Performa

Rating: 4.9

Why the first place: Tower cooler, direct contact of heat pipes and processor, rotation speed up to 2000 rpm.

Description: The top-rated Zalman CNPS10X Performa cooler has a tower design, so that it can cool even high-performance processors. In particular, it is equipped with five copper tubes-heat sinks of direct contact with the sole plate, an aluminum radiator and a 120-mm fan with a rotation speed of 900 to 2000 rpm.

The fan is equipped with a classic plain bearing, but thanks to optimization, the noise level even under maximum load is up to 36 dB. In this case, the speed controller is internal, so that the rotation speed is set automatically by the cooler.

The cooler is compatible with both modern and classic sockets. So, it can be installed on almost all LGA models (including LGA1151 and even LGA775), AM, FM and S. Additional fasteners can be purchased on other sockets.


  • The heatsink design allows for good cooling of processors even at low speeds;

  • Silent work;

  • Durability.


  • Complex, uncomfortable mount. It is advisable to place the cooler on a removed motherboard with already installed RAM;

  • It is advisable to replace the complete thermal paste;

  • Bulky and heavy.

Deepcool assassin ii

Rating: 4.8

Why second place: A powerful, productive cooling system, but more expensive than other models in the ranking.

Description: Deepcool Assassin II is a tower-type cooler with two fans and eight copper heat pipes. Thanks to this, the device provides good cooling even for gamers and overclocked processors, and is also compatible with almost all used sockets.

The cooler radiator, consisting of two modules, is made of aluminum plates. Copper heat pipes are connected to them by pressing. This provides good heat transfer and removal from the processor.

Two 140 mm fans can rotate at a speed of 300-1400 rpm and are based on hydrodynamic bearings, which provide low volume even at high load. The maximum is 27.3 dB.

The cooler, despite the low price, is characterized by high performance. For example, the Intel Core i7-7800X processor under peak load in stress tests heats up to 54 degrees.


  • High performance;

  • Silence of work;

  • Rich equipment with a large number of sites, mounts, as well as thermal grease.


  • Relatively complex assembly

  • Oversized, may cover power connectors or various functional elements of the motherboard;

  • An inconvenient hub for powering coolers, hangs, you need to stick it to the case yourself.

Deepcool gammaxx 300

Rating: 4.8

Why third place: Ultra-budget tower cooler, a good combination of price and quality.

Description: Deepcool Gammaxx 300 cooler occupying the middle of the rating is distinguished by an excellent combination of price and quality. Of course, it is not suitable for overclocked or gaming processors, but it copes well with heating mid-level chips or with average heat dissipation. In particular, the maximum dissipated power of the device is 125 watts.

The cooler is compatible with almost all processor models. Necessary soles and mounts included. The radiator is made of aluminum plates, which are complemented by three copper heat pipes.

The fan of the cooler is equipped with a proprietary hydrodynamic bearing, which ensures minimal volume operation. In particular, even under load, it is noisy at 21 dB. The rotation speed is 900-1600 rpm (the regulator is external, i.e. it can be adjusted), and the air flow is 40 CFM.


  • Simple, quick installation;

  • The minimum volume of work;

  • Rich equipment.


  • Relatively large;

  • The contact area is made of aluminum, into which the direct contacts of the heat pipes are integrated;

  • Inconvenient clips with plastic "ears" that may break.

Thermalright Macho Rev. A

Rating: 4.7

Why fourth place: Quiet, productive and comfortable. But the advanced version (Rev.B) costs only a few hundred rubles more, so it’s better to take it.

Description: A tower cooler with the highest performance in this segment of the rating. In particular, the maximum power dissipation of the device is as much as 280 watts, which makes it compatible even with gaming and overclocked processors. Includes mounts and pads for sockets LGA (including LGA775 and LGA1151), AM and FM.

The heatsink configuration includes 6 copper direct-contact heat pipes. The plumage is made of aluminum sheets. The plates are connected to the tubes by pressing rather than welding.

The cooler is equipped with one 140 mm fan. The rotation speed is 900-1300 rpm. The branded bearing makes the fan quiet - even at maximum load it makes noise at 21 dB. The air flow is up to 73.6 CFM.

The speed controller is external, so you can configure it yourself for the installed processor and usage scenario.


  • Quiet;

  • Rich equipment with a branded screwdriver and the necessary fasteners;

  • High performance.


  • A lot of revisions, and even with an aluminum sole without direct contact of heat pipes;

  • Oversized, may not fit into some cases;

  • A difficult assembly for beginners and at the same time there is no instruction in Russian.

Noctua NH-L9i

Rating: 4.6

Why fifth place: The only conventional ("horizontal") cooler in the rating, but with very high power. Compatibility is limited.

Description: Noctua NH-L9i cooler is designed for Intel Core i3-i7 series processors installed in LSI sockets. It is performed in a traditional design, which involves placing a fan above the radiator. As a result, the dissipated power of the cooler is relatively small and amounts to 65 watts.

The cooler radiator is made of aluminum plates, by pressing method placed on a copper heat pipe with direct contact. The fan is equipped with a proprietary low-noise bearing with magnetic centering, due to which the volume of the cooler does not exceed 23.6 dB even at 2500 rpm. The speed itself is adjustable from 300 to 2500 rpm. The airflow generated by the fan is 33.84 CFM. The speed controller is built into the cooler and works automatically.

The cooler is highly reliable - the uptime is 150 thousand hours, and the manufacturer’s warranty is 6 years.


  • Low profile design, can be installed in narrow system units;

  • Low volume and good performance (even Intel Xeon E3-1225 v5 can cool);

  • The simplest installation.


  • Fixing bolts are fixed when the motherboard is removed;

  • Relatively high price;

  • Not suitable for overclocked processors and processors with an unlocked multiplier.

Best Passive Cooling Systems

Prolimatech Megahalems Rev. C

Rating: 4.9

Why exactly it: A copper-aluminum radiator designed specifically for passive cooling systems.

Description: The cooler Prolimatech Megahalems Rev.C was designed specifically for use as the only cooling device. It features a massive base with a polished copper sole, to which six copper heat pipes are connected by pressing, and an aluminum radiator with a wide distance between the plates, providing free air circulation.

The cooler is compatible with the vast majority of Intel LSA sockets, including the newest ones, as well as AMD AM and FM.

Even without a fan, it provides the same cooling as some other devices in the rating, providing passive dissipation up to 40-50 watts. However, if you wish, you can attach a fan to it - models suitable for 120 and 140 mm are suitable. Brackets for fixing thereof come complete with a radiator.


  • Efficient heat dissipation thanks to a massive base and 6 copper tubes;

  • Wide space between radiator plates for better air circulation;

  • Massive base.


  • High heatsink, may not fit into a thin body;

  • Tight placement of heat pipes;

  • The "two towers" design has less rigidity than monolithic.

The best processor water cooling systems

Thermaltake Water 3.0 Ultimate

Rating: 4.9

Why first place: A cooling system that can cool the processor even without fans. Of course, they are available - three pieces.

Description: The rating opens with one of the most productive water cooling systems - Thermaltake Water 3.0 Ultimate. The device is equipped with three fans that rotate at speeds up to 2000 rpm. This ensures efficient cooling of even overclocked processors. In addition, up to 6 fans can be additionally installed.

The contact area is made of aluminum and copper. The mount is compatible with the most common sockets, including LGA, AM and FM. Adapters to other types of processors are commercially available.

The installed fans are quite quiet - even at a maximum rotation speed of 2,000 rpm, they are noisy at 20 dB. The air flow through the cooling system is 99 CFM. The minimum rotation speed of coolers is 1000 rpm.

The system can also work in passive mode - with coolers disabled.


  • Quiet but powerful cooling system;

  • Silent pump;

  • Compact and easy to install.


  • Over time, the noise level rises, it is recommended to replace the fans or install a reobas;

  • With the cooling of processors with heat dissipation of more than 250-300 W (overclocked), it can not cope;

  • A little expensive.

Deepcool Captain 360 EX

Rating: 4.8

Why the second place: Gamer water cooling system, the main disadvantage of which is the price.

Description: Deepcool Captain 360 EX could lead the rating if it did not have a relatively high price (even for water cooling systems). It is very productive - power dissipation is 220 watts. Moreover, thanks to the use of proprietary hydrodynamic bearings in the fans, the system is characterized by quiet operation - noise level up to 31.3 dB at a rotation speed of 1800 rpm and an air flow of 76.52 CFM.

The contact plate of the water block is made of polished copper. The pump is equipped with a ceramic bearing, which provides a service life of 120 thousand hours. It works silently.

The cooler also boasts a unique water block design. The cooling system is compatible with the vast majority of sockets LGA, AM and FM. All necessary fixtures are included.


  • High performance and durability;

  • Quiet work under daily stress;

  • Attractive design

  • CPU temperature fix mode.


  • Non-disconnectable bright red illumination of the cooling system;

  • Oversized radiator;

  • Rigid hoses;

  • A little expensive.

Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer 120

Rating: 4.7

Why third place: Two-fan cooling system with fast pump and high efficiency.

Description: The rating is closed by a rather unusual liquid cooling system - Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer 120. It differs from other devices in a compact unit with a radiator and fans, which is much smaller than traditional "panels". Nevertheless, he copes with the task of cooling the processor "perfectly" - the rated power dissipation is 300 watts.

Fans can rotate at speeds from 500 to 1350 rpm, provide an air flow of 74 CFM, are equipped with long-life hydrodynamic bearings and are distinguished by a comparatively quiet operation - at maximum load, the noise level is 30-35 dB.

The water block is equipped with a copper contact plate and a built-in pump, which rotates at a speed of 5400 rpm. Thanks to this, the cooler can be used even in passive mode. However, the pump can still be heard from the body.


  • Rich equipment with quality optional items;

  • Quiet, efficient work;

  • Suitable for overclocked processors.


  • Pump speeds are too high, which can reduce reliability and cause noise;

  • Heavy and bulky;

  • Relatively expensive.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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