How to choose a vase for flowers: give a highlight to the interior

A correctly selected vase complements and emphasizes the beauty of the bouquet and decorates any, even the simplest, interior. However, the choice of the product should be taken seriously - in addition to your personal preferences, you must take into account its shape, size and the material from which it is made. Today we will tell you how to do it.

What flower vase to choose: determine the size

When choosing a vase, pay attention to its size. The bouquet in it should be comfortable. If the plants are crowded, they will quickly wither. If the bouquet is large and heavy, and the vase is low and narrow, it will most likely turn over and the water will spill onto surrounding objects.

What shape to choose a flower vase

Vases can have a variety of shapes: cylindrical, square, spherical, etc. But not every one of them can emphasize the beauty of the bouquet. For example, short wildflowers will look ridiculous in a tall vase shaped like a cylinder, and large roses with long stems in a balloon model. Remember that the length of the stems, the size of the buds and the number of flowers - all this should be taken into account when choosing the shape of the vase.

Flowers with long shoots look best in long vases (for example, cylindrical or oval). Wide bouquets with short “legs” are more suitable for low items with a wide neck. If the heads of the flowers are small and the stems are stiff and wide, they will look best in wide containers with a narrow neck, for example, in bottle vases.

Ball vase

In such models, lush bouquets of wildflowers look good, as well as flower heads floating in the water. It can be buds of roses, daisies and orchids. Often, instead of water, hydrogel beads are used. This is a great option for decorating a table for a wedding or a gala reception.

Another win-win option is a large number of flowers with small and stiff stems. Bouquets of roses, daisies, chrysanthemums, carnations and lilies are perfect. In this case, the flower heads must be placed above the vase in the shape of a dome.

Cylinder vase

Cylindrical vases go well with flowers on long stems and with large heads (roses, gladioli, sunflowers, peonies, hydrangeas).

Bottle vases

Lush bouquets are completely unsuitable for bottle-shaped models. Such vases go well with a small number of flowers on a long stalk (peonies, tulips and carnations) or one large flower.

Pot-shaped vases

Such models are suitable for lush and large bouquets. In such vases, it is better not to put flowers with thin stems and small heads.

Square vases and vases in the shape of a cube

For such products, choose flowers with strong stems. Square tall vases are suitable for bouquets with a large number of leaves, and cube-shaped containers are suitable for lush armfuls of flowers with small stems.

Cone vases

Such products are suitable for heavy and lush bouquets. They look good flowers such as roses, freesia, chrysanthemums and peonies.

Practical Vase Style Tips

Material and style

Vases are made of crystal, glass, porcelain, ceramics, metal, stone and plastic.

Crystal and metal products are ideal for a classic interior. Crystal vases by themselves are a work of art, and therefore the bouquets in them look especially noble and expensive;

Porcelain containers go well with classic, antique style and baroque. They are often decorated with paintings and stucco;

Glass models are suitable for almost any type of interior. They look especially good in rooms made in a classic, minimalist and hi-tech style;

  1. Ceramic vases are perfectly combined with ethnic and colonial style, as well as country style;

  2. Metal vases are suitable for the interior in the style of art deco, chalet, hi-tech, loft and postmodernism;

  3. Tanks made of stone go well with African and antique styles;

  4. Plastic vases are suitable for rooms made in a mixed style and the forefront.

What color to choose a vase

The color of the vase should be selected according to the style of the interior. Consider the most popular of them.

  1. Glass and crystal containers, as well as products made in pastel colors, will look beautiful in a classic style room;

  2. Vases of yellow, metallic, sand and brown shades go well with the African style;

  3. Antique style loves green, light brown and bright yellow. You can also complement the interior with vases of bright red or black;

  4. For rooms in the Japanese style, black and white containers are suitable, as well as vases made in warm, pastel colors;

  5. Vases of noble red, burgundy or dark blue will look good in the interior in the Empire style;

  6. For Art Nouveau should choose the capacity of black or brown-beige;

  7. Light vases will look great in loft, high-tech and chalet-style rooms.

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Attention! This material is the subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a guide to the purchase.

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