Description of the HP Pavilion 15 laptop

HP Pavilion 15 Laptop - Specs


Type of
Type ofType: laptop
operating systemOperating system: DOS / Win 8 64
Processor typeProcessor Type: Core i3 / Processor i5 and Core i7 with / Pentium / A10 / A4 / A6 / A8
Processor codeProcessor code: 6310 / 3825U / 5010U / 8700P / 5500U / 7410 / 5200U / 6210
CPU coreCPU Core: Carriso / and Broadwell / Beema / Carrizo-L
CPU frequencyProcessor frequency: 1800 ... 2400 MHz
The number of processor coresThe number of processor cores: 2/4
Cache size L2L2 cache level: 512 Kb / 2 Mb
Cache size L3L3 cache level: / 2 Mb / 3 Mb / 4 Mb
RAM SizeThe size of RAM: 4 ... 12 GB
Memory typeMemory Type: ddr3l with
Memory frequencyMemory frequency: 1600 MHz
Screen sizeScreen Size: 15.6 "
Screen resolutionScreen resolution: 1366x768 / 1920x1080
Widescreen screenWidescreen display: yes
Screen typeScreen Type: Matte / Glossy
Touch screenTouch screen: no
Multi-touch screenMulti-touch screen: no
LED backlightLED backlight: yes
3D support3D support: no
Video adapter typeVideo adapter type: built-in / discrete
Video processorVideo processor: GMA based on Intel HD and AMD technology for Radeon R7 video cards with M360 / NVIDIA GeForce 940M / AMD series on Radeon P3 / AMD video cards on Radeon P5 / P6 video cards from AMD for Radeon / Intel with HD 5500 graphics
Two video adaptersTwo video adapters: no
Video memory sizeVideo memory size: 0 ... 4096 MB
Type of video memoryVideo Memory Type: SMA to / GDDR3 in model with a processor
Storage devices
Optical drive placementOptical drive placement: internal
Optical driveOptical drive: DVD-RW with
Storage capacityStorage capacity: 500 ... 2000 GB
Hard drive typeHard Drive Type: Hard Drive + SSD / HDD Cache with
Hard disk interfaceHard disk interface: ATA serial
Rotational speedRotational speed: 5400 rpm
Volume of the first diskThe volume of the first disk: 0 ... 1000 GB
Expansion slots
ExpressCard SlotExpressCard slot: no
Memory cards
Device for reading flash cardsDevice for reading flash cards: yes
Support Compact FlashCompact flash support: no
Memory Support Flash DrivesMemory support: no
SD supportSD memory support: yes
SDHC card supportSDHC card support: no
SDXC memory card supportSDXC memory card support: no
Support miniSD memory cardSupport miniSD memory card: no
MicroSD memory card supportMicroSD card support: no
MicroSDHC memory card supportMicroSDHC memory support: no
Memory supportMemory support: no
SmartMedia supportSmartMedia support: no
XD Card SupportXD Card Support: no
Wireless connection
Free Wi-Fi InternetWireless: yes
Wi-Fi Network Standard OnWireless Standard: 802.11 n
WiDi B supportWiDi technology support: no
Via bluetoothBluetooth communication: yes
Bluetooth Version BBluetooth Version: 4.0
LTRLTE networks: no
WiMAX networksWiMAX technology: no
Support GSM / GPRS network inSupport GSM / GPRS network module: no
3G support (UMTS standard)3G support (UMTS standard): no
Edge supportEdge support: no
HSDPA network supportHSDPA networks support: no
Built-in network cardBuilt-in network card: yes
Max. LAN adapter speedMax. LAN adapter speed: 100 Mbps
Built-in fax modemBuilt-in fax modem: no
Number of USB 2.0 interfaces withNumber of interfaces USB 2.0 port: 1
Number of USB 3.0 interfaces perThe number of USB interfaces on 3.0: 2
USB 3.1 interface with USB interface (- s)Interface with USB 3.1 with USB interface (- s): no
Firewire interfaceInterface FireWire interface: no
Interface Interface FireWire 800Interface FireWire 800 interface: no
Interface esataInterface eSATA port: no
Infrared (infrared)Infrared port (infrared): no
LPT port interfaceInterface LPT port: no
COM portCOM port: no
PS / 2 interface forInterface PS / 2: no
VGA-resolution output (d-Sub)Output VGA-resolution (d-Sub): no
Mini VGA outputMini VGA Output: no
DVI output forDVI output connector: no
HDMI output forHDMI output connector: yes
Micro HDMI outputMicro HDMI output: no
Output For DisplayPortDisplayPort output: no
Output Mini DisplayPort ConnectorDisplayPort mini connector output: no
TV inputTV-in entrance: no
TV outTV-out: no
Dock connectionDock connection: no
Audio inputAudio input: no
Microphone inputMic input: no
Audio / Headphone OutAudio / headphone output: no
Microphone input / headphone comboMicrophone in / combo headphone output: yes
Digital audio output (standard S / PDIF with)Digital audio output (standard S / PDIF with): no
Number of battery cellsNumber of battery cells: 4
Battery typeBattery Type: Lithium Polymer
Input Devices
Positioning devicesPositioning devices: touch panel
Keyboard backlightKeyboard backlight: no
The presence of columnsThe presence of columns: yes
Subwoofer availabilitySubwoofer availability: no
MicrophoneMicrophone presence: yes
By gpsBy GPS: no
WebcamWebcam: yes
Fingerprint scannerFingerprint scanner: no
TV tunerTV tuner: no
Remote controlRemote control: no
Kensington CastleKensington Castle: yes
StylusStylus: no
Metal caseMetal case: no
High impact caseHigh impact case: no
Waterproof caseWaterproof case: no
LengthLength: 384.5 mm
WidthWidth: 261.1 mm
ThicknessThickness: 25.2 mm
WeightWeight: 2.2 kg

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