7 best mouse pads

Necessity or useless accessory?

Mousepad? In the late 2010s? Indeed, the basic necessity of mats were only for the very first optical mice: their sensors needed special grading of the coating, and they simply could not work on any other ones. Now the sensors allow you to even drive the mouse on the knee and, it would seem, why buy a rug?

There are several reasons for this. First, the mouse can thoroughly wipe the table cover over time (the author’s sad sigh behind the scenes), which is, to put it mildly, unaesthetic. Secondly, the mat can also be an element of ergonomics due to the support of the wrist, which removes the load from the hand during a long stay at the computer. Thirdly, the mat can to some extent insure against disruption of the cursor and increase the accuracy of positioning ... well, or at least help to look cool classy e-sportsman in front of classmates. Finally, a rug can be presented for February 23 to a person who wears a beard, and the classic version of "shaving cream" is clearly not suitable.

The main thing is that the rug, once it is bought, does not cause problems: it did not collect dirt, did not exfoliate, like the Vespula from Razer (that's really what you call ... Yes, Buttercup?). Therefore, even the choice of such "little things" should be approached carefully.

Top 201 Mouse Pads Rankings

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Best cheap mouse pads1SVEN GS-S9.6 / 10330
2Defender Black XXL9.5 / 10390
The best ergonomic mouse pads1Hama ergonomic9.4 / 10510
Top Gaming Mouse Pads1SteelSeries QcK Prism9.8 / 104 960
2Corsair MM6009.7 / 104 050
3Logitech G G6409.5 / 102 990
4ASUS Cerberus Mat Plus9.4 / 101 990

Best cheap mouse pads

Decent and at the same time inexpensive rezinotkanevy mouse pad, which is on the table normally, and does not get dirty. The color of the surface "under the carbon" is not particularly blatant, so the design can be considered universal: not "gaming" kitsch and not anime cat-girls who will not please everyone.

The fabric on the edges of the stitched, so you can not be afraid of quick detachment of the edges. The only thing you will encounter with prolonged and active use of the mouse is wiping the picture in the center. However, taking into account the price of the rug, this is expected, and it will start to lose sight only in two or three years, depending on the design of the manipulator legs.

Main advantages:
  • Stitched edges
  • Moderately branded and rough coating
  • Cheap mice from the same price segment glide badly, with no better problems.
9.6 / 10
It is possible to wash, drawing is neutral, the eyes do not callous. Money is generally ridiculous, what would it take?
Defender Black XXL
A lot of rug for a little money: its dimensions match the name. The coating is classic, the fabric is glued on a rubber base. The red border of the rug is stitched for reliability, it lies on the table well, the optical mice on it work normally. What else do you want for the money?

The only thing we find fault with is the fact that the edging is somewhat upward and may cause discomfort to someone. In general, the mouse pad is more than good for your money.

Main advantages:
  • Good coverage
  • Edge firmware
  • Protruding edging
9.5 / 10
Rug as a rug, the mouse works, the edges do not crawl, as in the previous one. Nothing more is needed.

The best ergonomic mouse pads

Hama ergonomic
An inexpensive pad with a pillow under the wrist will help out if you experience discomfort when working with a mouse. And the pillow is not simple, but with a “memory effect”: it will ideally adapt to your hand with time.

The base of the rug is rubber, the coating is lycra. The mouse moves along it normally, the sensor works as expected. Of course, gamers will look at this accessory with contempt, but when working at the computer, Hama Ergonomic will definitely like it.

Main advantages:
  • "Memory effect" at the pillow
  • Affordable price
  • Restriction of quick mouse movements, insignificant at work, but noticeable in games
9.4 / 10
With long work at the computer has become much more comfortable, and even the price is normal.

Top Gaming Mouse Pads

SteelSeries QcK Prism
4 960
RGB lights in the rug? Yes, if the word “game” appeared in the description of some computer accessory, then most likely it will also glow with all the colors of the rainbow. However, the developers of the QcK Prism mouse pad decided to give this highlight functionality, forcing it to respond to game events. Management comes from a common for all SteelSeries peripherals software control center, which clearly pushes the gamer to loyalty to one brand.

Is it useful or not? Well, how to say ... In principle, with advanced peripheral vision, transferring the same health indicator to the backlight can be more interesting than blocking the space on the screen with the HUD digital indicator. Another thing is that, besides CS: GO and Dota 2, games especially do not support this technology. In the rest of the lights will perform a purely decorative function. Thank you at least that for the sake of better immersion in Battlefield 1, the rug does not emit mustard!

But QcK Prism and ergonomics are interesting. Its cover is easily replaced by a pad, which, moreover, can also be turned over. One side of the lining - plastic, the second - fabric. The behavior of the mouse on each of the sides changes perceptibly, so it makes sense to try both options.

The inevitable charge for the backlight is an extra cable on the table. Fortunately, he withdrawn from the side, so it does not interfere.

Main advantages:
  • Removable double-sided pad (accuracy / speed)
  • High-quality fixation on the table
  • Limited support for backlight integration in games
  • "Extra" cable on the table
9.8 / 10
Stuck funny, and interesting in features. The mouse on the mat walks perfectly, positioning is clear.
Corsair MM600
4 050
Plastic, rubber, silicone? No, gentlemen, let's be more serious: the Corsair MM600 game pad is made of aluminum. More precisely, from aviail - an aluminum alloy with magnesium and silicon. Fans of computer flights will appreciate, and for shooters it would be worth releasing a version of ergale - we can give the idea to marketers Corsair. So that the rug (although it is difficult to call the “rug” a rigid plate) did not slide, its corners are rubberized. The coating on both sides is different - on one side the rug is rough, on the other it is smooth. In the first case, the positioning accuracy of the mouse is improved, but quick movements are more convenient for the second. However, slightly protruding rubber corners can interfere with fast movements from edge to edge, and some mouse models do not “see” the difference between the coatings: this design miscalculation can spoil the first positive impressions of the rug.

A curious consequence of the rigidity of the rug is the ability to use it ... but at least on one knee: lovers to lie on the sofa with a laptop will definitely appreciate it.

Main advantages:
  • High-quality coating with different texture on two sides
  • Rigidity
  • Reliable fixation on the table surface
  • Sensible rustle when moving the mouse on the rough side
9.7 / 10
I liked it, on the table it will not budge in any movements - there is no risk that when you jerk your hand you will remain in the game in place.
Logitech G G640
2 990
The rug is so simple in appearance that its price in the first moments of dating begins to seem overpriced. Really, almost 3 thousand for the usual rubber basis with a fabric covering? Let's see what we are asked for this money.

The quality of the surface is excellent: the movements of the mouse are moderately “oily”, high accuracy of control is achieved. Interestingly, in the Logitech G-series gaming mice (for example, the G520 Hero) there is a built-in calibration profile just for this mat. You involuntarily treat a fabric covering with caution - it is salted quickly, and during cleaning there is a higher risk of delamination. And you know what Logitech is responding to? Three years warranty on the mouse pad, Carl! Have you seen it anywhere else? That's it.

However, there are downsides. The first one you will come across with exactly is the need to wait almost a day until the mat taken out of the tube straightens out. Considering the fact that the manufacturer on the site specifically points out that “thanks to the flexible material, the G640 mouse pad folds easily for convenient transportation and lies flat when it's time to play,” this especially spoils the mood. But the mat, which was straightened up, still holds the shape perfectly, its corners do not interfere with the hands, without being arched with an accidental hook.

The second can not be called a minus unequivocally. The difference in horizontal and vertical movements is noticeable - the mouse “runs” to the side noticeably easier. In principle, it makes sense in shooters - sharp turns there is the norm. But, starting a favorite Fw.109 at the beginning of the battle, you can find that the vertical maneuvers have become "dumber": not a very pleasant discovery. Joystick owners can skip this item.

Main advantages:
  • High quality coating
  • Good hold on the table
  • Fast enough salting
9.5 / 10
Took in tandem with the same Lodzhitekovskoy mouse, work fine.
ASUS Cerberus Mat Plus
1 990
Our rating continues with another rubber-fabric play mat, this time traditionally bright for gaming accessories. Available in three sizes, of which Plus - medium, that is, in theory, the most versatile.

To reduce the likelihood of delamination of the fabric cover, ASUS uses a simple and fairly effective solution: stitching the edges. Well, it is really possible to erase it without fear. The rug bends well and at the same time reliably “clings” to the surface of the table.

Sensations when the mouse moves are comfortable - there is no hint of “sticking”, the control is good, the possibility of sharp maneuvers remains. Of course, the competitors from our rating are better, but they have a higher price, we do not forget. The only thing that causes concern is whether the paint of the picture will rub off over time, although we have not found any negative reviews about this.

Main advantages:
  • Sufficient quality of work and optical, and laser sensors.
  • Stitched edges
  • The edges quickly collect dirt.
9.4 / 10
A good mat, several washings already survived without any problems, and the mouse just walks on it.

How to choose a good mouse pad?

Virtually any mat consists of a base and a covering (often bilateral, with a different texture). Each combination has its own characteristics.

Cheap mats are silicone or rubber base with fabric coating. Silicone is swept away immediately - high-quality rubber slips less on the table, and Chinese silicone not only absorbs dirt through micropores, it also smells noticeably. The weakest part in this version is the coating - the fabric is salted and eventually begins to “shaggy” at the edges. This happens most quickly during washing. So if you really take this type of rug, then with the firmware.

Hard plastic or even aluminum base will avoid bending the edges, such a rug will not need to be straightened after purchase. A hard mat can work on an uneven surface. But on the other hand, it will be easy to glide without constructive sensations along the surface of the table, and this will interfere even with ordinary computer work or sitting on the Internet, not to mention games. Therefore, these rugs immediately look at the opposite side: how to implement table grip.

Coating such models most often plastic. This gives a good glide of the mouse without a feeling of vatnost, which is often noticeable on rubber or cheap fabric. For games, especially those requiring active work with the mouse, the option is one of the best. But the fabric should not be discounted: for example, if the rug is wide and a hand rests on its edge, fabric cover will be much nicer.

Have a good shopping!

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