5 best car shampoos

Reliable tools for the purity of "iron horses"

A car is a business card of its owner. Cleanliness, tidiness and beautiful appearance play a primary role here. To ensure that your personal transport always sparkled clean, we have prepared for you a rating of the five best car shampoos. It will help determine the choice of means for washing the car that suits your budget, requirements and wishes.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best car shampoo with air conditioning1Meguiar's G-177489.6 / 101 200
The best car shampoo with polish1Turtle Wax Zip9.8 / 10400
The best car shampoo with wax1DOCTOR WAX9.8 / 10300
2Auto-Wasch & Wachs LIQUI MOLY 15429.7 / 10550
Best Universal Car Shampoo1KARCHER 6.294-029.09.9 / 10770

The best car shampoo with air conditioning

Meguiar's G-17748
1,200 (Price per pack 1.5 liters)
If you are not used to save on quality and want to pamper your car with the best car shampoo, then Meguiar's G-17748 with an air-conditioner 2 in 1 luxury GOLD CLASS line will be a great helper. Its balanced formula provides not only effective cleansing of dirt, salt, road raid, but also, thanks to the air conditioner, protects your four-wheel friend's paintwork from damage. For one use, this shampoo will provide the car with long-term protection against drying, cracking and the negative effects of dust, soot, ultraviolet. Consumption: 30 ml per 4 liters.
Main advantages:
  • permanently protects the car's coverage from negative environmental factors
  • forms a resistant polymer wax film
  • not only washes, but also carefully looks after thanks to the conditioner
  • provides deep long lasting shine
  • does not leave marks and stains
  • high price
  • Avoid contact with the skin of the hands, as well as plastic and rubber surfaces of the car.
9.6 / 10
After I tried to wash the car with this tool, I no longer want to use any other. Gloss and purity remain unrealistically long. The price, however, bites a little, but believe me, it's worth it.

The best car shampoo with polish

Turtle Wax Zip
400 (Price per pack 1 liter)
According to the manufacturer, it is one of the most popular car shampoos in the world. Its unique formula copes with any pollution easily and safely. It gives shine to the body and provides protection from scratches during washing due to thick foam. Half a cap of shampoo is sufficient for a bucket of warm water: it is a super concentrated product. Gives the car surface excellent water repellency. But in a strong heat it is better not to use it: it loses its properties.
Main advantages:
  • economically spent
  • excellent washes and polishes
  • leaves no white bloom
  • well foams
  • superconcentrate
  • does not tolerate temperatures above 25 ° C
9.8 / 10
The best car shampoo I used! Literally half a cap for 8 liters of warm water - and it effectively and efficiently washes away the dirt. I Turtle Wax Zip advised one friend who works at the car wash. He said that the shampoo really creates a thick foam, in which there are elements that help to remove dirt and mixing abrasive effect. I checked - it is!

The best car shampoo with wax

300 (Price per pack 0.6 liters)
This car shampoo not only thoroughly launders the car from pollution, but also, due to the presence of wax in its composition, protects the body covering until the next wash. Salt, sand, mud, snow literally roll off the car, which plays an important role, especially in the offseason. Ultraviolet does not penetrate and does not spoil the paint. A mixture of wax and polymer is capable of "sealing" small cracks in the paint.
Main advantages:
  • adds shine
  • easy to wash off
  • forms a protective film
  • small expense
  • removes any dirt
  • small bottle capacity
9.8 / 10
The best car shampoo. He washes away any dirt that I encounter, copes well with spots, the result of a bird attack. I recommend to use everything, the American product does not seem to be faked. At least I have not noticed. The composition includes some sort of secret ingredient.
Auto-Wasch & Wachs LIQUI MOLY 1542
550 (Price per pack 1 liter)
This car shampoo of the German manufacturer with an updated formula copes with pollution and negative environmental influences. In the composition there are wax and detergents. Well washes almost any dirt, leaves a thin protective layer of wax on the surface of the car. Gives a glossy effect. Consumed in a proportion of 30 ml per 10 liters of water. Ideal for use in the warmer months.
Main advantages:
  • pleasant fruity aroma
  • safe for polycarbonate glass
  • leaves no stains
  • not only well washes dirt, but also protects autocover
  • facilitates further polishing
  • it is not recommended to use the product at temperatures below 5 ° C
9.7 / 10
I like this car shampoo very much, since the car after it just glows clean and shines like a new one. Only the foam does not last long, but this is probably the only flaw I have seen.

Best Universal Car Shampoo

KARCHER 6.294-029.0
770 (Price per pack 5 liters)
This is one of the line of car shampoos of the famous German manufacturer KARCHER. Suitable for minivans, where the tool is applied by high-pressure apparatus, and for washing the car manually. Thanks to the soft foamy texture, it is safe for varnished and plastic surfaces: does not damage, does not corrode, does not scratch. Perfectly removes oil contamination. It is diluted with water in the proportion of about 1:10 with manual washing, and 1: 3 for minimal washes. Located in the middle price range.
Main advantages:
  • does not leave soap stains
  • has a pleasant smell
  • immediately begins to act immediately after application
  • safe for hands, as there is no solvent in the composition
  • no negative impact on the environment
  • high consumption when using in minisinks
9.9 / 10
My car with my hands, although this tool can be used in car wash Karcher. I liked that it can be diluted both in warm and in cold water, in any case, a good foam is obtained. Foam is easily washed off with water, leaving no residue. The advantages of this car shampoo, that the foam immediately begins to act, no need to wait long.

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