8 best sprays for combing hair

Ambulance for "harmful" curls

For owners of long, thin, porous, dyed or hard hair, combing is a long and tedious ritual. If your hair is very confused, and their daily combing has become a big problem, special hair sprays will be a convenient and economical solution.

The best spray manufacturers for easy combing

Kings of store shelves - multi-colored sprays Gliss Kur from Schwarzkopf. They are relatively inexpensive, and an extensive line allows you to choose the most appropriate means. Also good sprays from the "mass market" offer brands Elseve and Fructis. Fans of professional care choose affordable salon lines Loreal Professonel, Kapous, Estel, Ollin, Elf, and among the luxury products, the sprays Kerastase, Barex, Lebel, Rene Furfeter received the most approval.

Many women have also appreciated the children's comb bristles for combing from Johnson & Johnson and the domestic concern Kalina, which perfectly cope with the tangled hair of girls and their mothers. However, one can find such contradictory reviews about the same brands of sprays that there is only one way out: to buy and try!

Top spraying rating for easy combing: TOP-8

Expert Price made a rating of 8 most desirable, best, and high-quality hair sprays:


Approximate price, rub.


Rating, on a 10-point scale

Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Express Conditioner Liquid Silk


the most popular easy combing spray


Loreal professionelbutter-radiance Mythic Oil


the best spray for shine colored hair


Moisturizing serum Dual Renascence 2phase KAPOUS


inexpensive professional care


Kerastase Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment Oil-spray for hair 125 ml -


the best "luxury" spray for easy combing


5. Spray for hair Johnson's Baby "Easy combing" 200 ml


the best children's spray for combing "adult" hair


Estel Curex Therapy Intensive Recovery Biphasic Spray Lotion


good inexpensive salon spray


7. Belita-Viteks spray-shine "Shine & Nutrition" 75 ml


high-quality budget spray from the Belarusian manufacturer


8. Spray Ultra Hair System


the most ambiguous hair spray


And now let's take a closer look at the characteristics of each favorite.

1. Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Express Conditioner Liquid Silk
the most popular easy combing spray

Average price in the Russian Federation:290 r.

Gliss Kur hair spray is one of the market leaders. Smooth, easy combing, shine - this is what the manufacturer promises and honestly performs. In addition to silicones, Gliss Kur express conditioner contains apricot oil, hydrolyzed silk, keratin and panthenol, which evens the hair structure and gives it elasticity. According to reviews, the spray is best suited for dry and "exhausted" with forceps and hair coloring, returns them a living shine and obedience.


  • smooth combing;
  • gives hair shine and elasticity;
  • reasonable value for money.

Minus: It is easy to “imbued” hair, not recommended for oily hair.

Typical reviews of the Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur "Liquid silk" express conditioner:

“Turning to spray Liquid silk, and gradually abandoned the mask, oil and the rest of their tricky hair care. Hair is smooth, alive and well-groomed, even a hairdresser noticed it! ”

“The best hair spray, a worthy replacement for balsam when there is no time to care for hair. Instantly removes fluffiness and protruding tips.

2.Loreal Professionel Mythic Oil 125 ml
the best spray for shine colored hair

Average price in Russia: 900 p.

Why in our ranking: easy combing + dazzling shine.

“Mitik Oil” is a high-quality mix of silicones and natural oils, similar in action to the legendary Kerastase Macadamia oil spray, but it is an order of magnitude cheaper. It is noticed that it is much easier Macadamia - therefore it is ideal not only for dyed hair, but also for natural.


  • qualitative composition based on avocado and grape seed oils;
  • gives a strong shine;
  • saves hair volume;
  • very light watery texture.

Minus: Still, "biting" price.

Typical reviews about Mythic Oil's oil shine:

“This hair spray is the best; every self-respecting girl should have it! The lightest consistency, incredible hair shine and delicate aroma. Not greasy - after the application do not have to wash their hands. "

“The oil is gorgeous, more decent, I have not met. I grew healthy long hair with him without breakage and split ends. ”

3. Moisturizing serum Dual Renascence 2 phase KAPOUS
inexpensive professional care

Average price in Russia: 380 p. (per 200 ml)

This hair spray boasts excellent value for money. Kapus offers affordable and very high-quality salon care. Blue biphasic spray is suitable for all types of hair, moisturizes hair, but keeps it clean and fresh. The best hair spray with frequent use of an iron and hairdryer and for trips to the sea.


  • hydrolyzed keratin in the composition (retains moisture well);
  • thermal protection;
  • phenomenally easy to comb.


  • does not relieve static electricity on the hair;
  • It is sold only in professional cosmetics departments or in salons.

Typical serum reviews Kapous:

“No spray before KAPOUS worked on my hair so beautifully. Now it seems to me that everything that was before him did not work. After applying this serum, I always want to touch my hair, so soft and soft they are. ”

“It is enough for me to have ONE Kapus's zilch so that the hair will unravel! Suddenly".

4. Kerastase Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment Hair Spray Oil
the best "luxury" spray for easy combing

Average price in Russia: 1800 r. (per 125 ml)

Why in our ranking: a rich comprehensive care.

Universal oil for nourishment, shine and easy combing with minerals and valuable macadamia and argan oils. Differs in the smallest, weightless dispersion. Strengthens shine, not only unravels the hair and facilitates combing, but also does not allow them to get tangled again. You can add to other treatments and hair dye for better penetration of nutrients. It has a peculiar sweet aroma, resistant to hair.


  • visible effect, especially on porous, dry and bleached hair;
  • economical consumption;
  • aligns the hair structure thanks to argan and macadamia oils.


  • high price and small volume;
  • heavy consistency is not for everyone.

Typical reviews about spray- oil Kerastase Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment:

“Better hair oil! The hair becomes heavy (in a good way), but not sleek, but silky and crumbly. Blondes with experience - this spray is for you! ”.

“I no longer need the iron - the same effect can be achieved with the help of two or three“ puffs ”of Macadamia oil! However, for healthy hair, this spray can be heavy. "

5. Spray hair Johnson's Baby "Easy combing"
the best children's spray for combing "adult" hair

Average price in Russia: 150 p. (per 200 ml)

This spray for combing children's curls have long been adopted by their mothers. The modest "silicone" composition, perhaps, will not please the lovers of everything natural, but it is this product that makes it especially effective for disentangling hair, it does not make them fat and does not weigh down. An important detail - spray on dry hair works as well as on wet.


  • democratic price with a large volume;
  • proven quality;
  • excellent disentangling of long hair, including dry;
  • “Overdoing” is almost impossible.

Minuses: does not contain the additional nutritious and moistening components.

Typical reviews of the spray for hair Johnson's Baby "Easy combing"

“The main function of facilitating combing is on the top five with +, but does nothing else. I think it is suitable for children, intact, undissocated, soft hair. "

“This is the best hair spray I've tried! I have curly, long, naughty hair. And with this spray, combing easily, becoming obedient, easier to do hair. "

6. Two-phase Estel Curex Therapy Intensive Recovery Lotion Spray
good inexpensive salon spray

Average price in Russia: 280 r. (per 200 ml)

The tool is positioned as a professional, but we, perhaps, put it in the middle between the store and salon brands, both in price and in effect. When applying the spray Estelle closes the hair cuticle, leveling its surface, which makes it easier to comb. It contains oils that are able to feed drained hair, but this remedy is unlikely to cope with the task of intensive restoration (as stated on the label).


  • unravels hair well;
  • composed of avocado oil and keratin;
  • affordable price.


  • not everyone likes a strong sweet smell;
  • The effect is insufficient for professional cosmetics.

Typical reviews of Estel Curex Therapy Intensive Recovery Lotion:

“The best comb for combing for little money! Very gently sprays, smoothes hair, makes them obedient and at the same time does not get fat. "

“With Estelle Kureks, combing your hair has become easier, but for my hard bleached hair, it is clearly not enough.”

7. Belita-Viteks spray-shine "Shine & Nutrition" 75 ml
high-quality budget spray from the Belarusian manufacturer

Average price in Russia: 130 r. (for 75 ml)

Hair spray from the Belarusian concern Belita-Vitex contains the same oils and silicones, but much cheaper! The tool was astonished with an excellent composition with washable silicones and argan oil, a presentable appearance and a lot of positive reviews. Spray is designed for easy combing of curls after washing and for applying to dry hair for the purpose of nutrition. Ideal for use before hair styling with a hair dryer, but in other cases it can be heavy.


  • democratic price;
  • argan oil in the composition;
  • glossy shine hair.


  • relatively heavy;
  • weak moisturizing effect.

Typical reviews of the Shine & Nutrition Belita-Viteks spray-shine:

“The best hair spray, even if it cost more, I would still buy it. Gives excellent shine, hair becomes soft, soft, and the aroma is simply magical. ”

“I compared the Belarusian spray with an expensive professional and did not feel the difference. Hair as silk, the tips are soft, easy to stack with a hair dryer. Very high quality care for a cheap price. ”

8. Spray Ultra Hair System
the most ambiguous hair spray

Average price in the Russian Federation: 1000 r.

Why in our ranking: a hair spray that made a lot of noise.

The new Internet has generated a lot of rumors, some of which "Price Expert" is taken to dispel. Ultra Hair System is a caring spray based on burdock and argan oils and vitamins A and E, which have a beneficial effect on hair, improve combing and reduce brittleness. As part of the observed cinnamon oil, which has a warming effect on the scalp, calamus extract, which has anti-fungal action, and chamomile soothing the scalp. It's all. Of course, these types of products can neither stop hair loss nor help grow new hair.


  • high-quality (but not revolutionary) composition based on burdock oil and plant extracts;
  • positive effect on the entire length of the hair and scalp;
  • really easier to comb.


  • sales only through the Internet, hype, a lot of fakes.
  • clearly overpriced.

Typical Ultra Hair System spray reviews:

“I only use it for a week, while I like it, my hair can be easily combed, as the tow doesn’t look, it’s alive. Means for the consistency of light, non-greasy, does not stain the hair.

“Visibly nourishes hair, has a cumulative effect. From time to time the hair becomes more and more smooth, it doesn’t push, it breaks less. But after a month of using the stated hair growth is not observed. "

What kind of spray for combing hair choose?

So, we found that professional sprays generally show themselves better than the store sprays, but price is not the main criterion for choosing this tool. The end result depends on the quality of the silicones and oils contained in the spray and on the initial state of the hair. Make a choice and - a successful acquisition!

Attention! There are contraindications; consultation of a specialist

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