The best women's toilet water. TOP-9

Or how to make men turn around after you

Toilet water has gained popularity due to its versatility and relatively low cost. Unlike perfume and eau de parfum, Eau de Toilette feels softer, lighter, and non-binding. The format of toilet water presents most of the popular fragrances - youth, fresh, evening. The concentration is quite simple to control, which is especially important for "heavy" compositions.

In the ranking of the best toilet water for women, popular fragrances are presented that have deserved love and recognition from many women of different ages of different ages and taste preferences.

Toilet water L'eau Par from Kenzo
fresh classics

In the photo - female toilet water L'eau Par from Kenzo. The average price in the Russian Federation: 3500 rubles (50 ml).

This light, fresh and disturbing floral and oceanic scent was released in 1996, it was created by the famous perfumer Olivier Cresp. The image of the water lily on the package and the bottle in the form of a piece of ice immediately evoke associations with something weightless and cool, which reflects the essence of the fragrance. Top notes of the composition: mandarin, mint and reed, green lilac. Middle notes: pink pepper, water lily, amaryllis, white peach, rose. Base - vanilla and cedar. In almost two decades, this versatile fragrance, which gives a feeling of freshness and lightness, has gained a lot of fans.


  • A complete mix of fresh, deep notes.
  • Easily recognizable, but not annoying.
  • Suitable for any time of year.

Disadvantages: not found.

From L'eau Par reviews:

“For me, the best eau de toilette is Le Par. I have been using it for 9 years, not a bit bothered. True, the flavor is not for any occasion. Especially revealed in rain or snow, even in spring, when the air smells like drops. ”

“When I studied at the institute, I was presented with a large bottle of L'eau Par, I wore it without much pleasure. Yes, the bouquet is fresh, pleasant, but did not cause euphoria. But when a friend tried it - then I gasped! On it, he completely differently revealed! Without delay, I gave her a bottle. It turns out that not only perfumes paint a woman, but also a woman - perfume! ”

Rating: 10 out of 10.

Toilet water La Vie Est Belle from Lancome
charming and attractive

In the photo - women's toilet water La Vie Est Belle from Lancome. The average price in the Russian Federation: 4200 rubles (50 ml).

“Life is beautiful” - this is the name of the next Lancome masterpiece, the “face” of which in 2012 was the beloved charming Julia Roberts. Rich, rich, multifaceted fragrance is really able to give its owner a sense of magic and the mysterious unpredictability of life, and at the same time, a feeling of confidence in his charm. La Vie Est Belle can be attributed to the group of floral and gourmet floral aromas. Open the composition notes of black currant and pear, in the "heart" of jasmine, iris, orange blossom, base notes - patchouli, tonka beans, vanilla and almond praline.


  • Noble, expensive fragrance.
  • Persistence, nice plume.
  • Multifaceted composition.

Disadvantages: too popular (who doesn't want to feel that life is really beautiful? ...).

From La Vie Est Belle toilet water reviews:

“I respect this legendary scent, but I beg you: lovely girls, do not pour it from head to toe before entering public transport! This fragrance needs to learn to wear competently! My advice to fans of La Vie Est Belle and similar sweet compositions - do not splash out of the bottle on yourself at close range! Just one pshik above his head, then he will sit on you in a pleasant cloud. "

“La Vie Est Belle toilet water is one of the best. But for a long time I was beaten off by the desire to wear the “Beautiful Life” after every second in the office purchased it. A year has passed since the dismissal, and I still remember that nightmare, when it all smells the same from everyone, and from some it just breaks. It is a pity that he was so tired, I really liked him, maybe when popularity drops, then ... "

Rating: 10 out of 10.

Acqua di Gioia toilet water from Giorgio Armani
sea ​​scent

In the photo - women's toilet water Acqua di Gioia from Giorgio Armani. The average price in the Russian Federation: 3200 rubles (50 ml).

Perfumers inspired the landscapes of the Mediterranean islands with their pristine beauty to create Acqua di Gioia eau de toilette. Not without a woman - mysterious, alluring, natural and unpredictable, like nature itself. It seems that the spray of the waves, the sound of the surf, the solar sparks on the sea surface and the breath of the breeze are enclosed in the bottle. The aroma is revealed by the sonorous chords of lemon, black currant and pear, combined with delicate violet leaves. In the “heart” of the composition there are notes of two types of jasmine and peony, giving the fragrance lightness. The cedar tree and cane sugar are felt in the trail.


  • Refreshing, light.
  • Original composition.
  • High durability.
  • Easy loop.

Disadvantages: not found.

From Acqua di Gioia reviews:

“How great it is to smell the sea! ... What awesome it brings back memories! From my city to the sea, three days on the train, but after buying Acqua di Gioia - a piece of this element is always with me! The bottle is all summer in her purse, like a smooth sea pebble. ”

“Acqua di Gioia is the best eau de toilette for hot summer days! A couple of pshikov, and as if immersed in a mist of sea air, with microscopic droplets of water. For some reason, even sugar is not felt - just something very dear and pleasant. In it - at home! ... ”.

Rating: 10 out of 10.

Toilet water Nina from Nina Ricci
attractive and flirtatious

In the photo - women's toilet water Nina from Nina Ricci. The average price in the Russian Federation: 3250 rubles (50 ml).

In 2006, the landmark brand for France, Nina Ricci, presented another spectacular creation - the Nina Eau de Toilette, so named after the company's founder. The fragrance with lightning speed captured the hearts of romantic lovers of sweetish, fruit and flower aromas, becoming a classic. The composition is opened with lemon and lime, in the “heart” peony, vanilla, praline candies and dope, the base is an apple, cedar and musk.


  • Gentle, feminine scent.
  • Like a lot.
  • Elegant, recognizable bottle design.

Disadvantages: not found.

From Nina reviews:

“Despite the fact that the fragrance is popular (at least, I personally know at least 5 girls, in whose collections it is present), I very rarely catch it in the transport, on the street. Perhaps the fact that he sits close to the skin, does not create a plume. For me, this is an undoubted advantage, because it is not always appropriate to smell “the whole of Ivanovo”. ”

“Nina somehow unnoticed by me became my favorite. I don’t buy toilet water, I think that it holds easier and less, but Nina is the best ... I feel it all by myself all day! And this aroma of caramelized apples is so charming! ... ”.

Rating: 10 out of 10.

Eau de Toilette Lady Million by Paco Rabanne
dazzling and gorgeous

In the photo - female toilet water Lady Million by Paco Rabanne. The average price in the Russian Federation: 3450 rubles (50 ml).

In the spring of 2012, Paco Rabanne presented a slightly softer version of the acclaimed and much beloved Lady Million. Despite the fact that the format of toilet water added lightness to her, this “lady” remained just as dazzling and luxurious. Rich, rich, bold fragrance created for women who are accustomed to take everything from life. The floral-woody-musky composition includes the following notes: lily of the valley and neroli; in the “heart” of gardenia and hyacinth, honey and patchouli are completed.


  • Bright, rich.
  • Very persistent.

Disadvantages: not immediately revealed, at first it seems cloying.

From Lady Million reviews:

“I love this scent incredibly! Instead of the third bottle of perfume water I bought a toilet - by chance ... Surprisingly, she was not disappointed. Let it be softer, but it did not become poorer! Now you can not be so cautious, because it happened that one pshik was a lot ... ".

“For the first time I tried the Lady from the sampler. Horror! It smelled of soap, then powder — it almost choked and wanted to run away, but decided to wait ... After 15 minutes, a creamy scent of white flowers appeared, then - all the space around me was fragrant with honey! Gorgeous !!! I got used to it, I can't live without it - this eau de toilette is one of the best ... ”.

Rating: 9 out of 10.

Toilet water Born in Paradise from Escada
positive and sunny

In the photo - female toilet water Born in Paradise from Escada. The average price in the Russian Federation: 2100 rubles (50 ml).

The next limited edition of 2014 from Escada “Born in Paradise” offers to feel like a carefree forever young beauty who lives on an exotic island. The aroma promises to remind you of the sun, the sea, ripe fruit, bright colors ... Everything that should be in a real paradise. The composition is an appetizing cocktail of fruits: coconut, pineapple, watermelon, guava and green apple.


  • Positive summer flavor.
  • Pleasant, not cloying plume.


  • Very sweet, appropriate far from everywhere and not always.
  • It is easy to make a mistake with the dosage and cause discontent of others.

From Born in Paradise toilet water reviews:

“I bought“ Born in Paradise ”before the holidays. At sea, the scent looked just perfect! I returned, I thought, I would not use it, but no, the pens were reaching for it! Now I drench myself at home, while no one sees, and I remember the sea and the sun ... ”

“In the summer I decided to test a novelty from Exad. The brightest impression - I wanted to drink the toilet water! She's so delicious! Buy not yet decided. Everybody thinks where to go in it - not to work! Do not understand. I will go to the sea - I will definitely get it. ”

Rating: 9 out of 10.

Eau de toilette Crystal Noir from Versace
rich and sensual

In the photo - female toilet water Crystal Noir from Versace. The average price in the Russian Federation: 3600 rubles (50 ml).

The mysterious, mysterious and deep "Black Crystal" from the fashion house Versace literally shimmers with facets of an ambiguous but harmonious composition. Crystal Noir is a real jewel, giving the owner all its brilliance and splendor. The fragrance belongs to the group of oriental flowers. Top notes: cardamom, ginger and pepper, “heart” made up chords of gardenia and peony, orange blossom and coconut. Base: amber, musk, sandalwood.


  • Very persistent.
  • Unusually revealed coconut.
  • Multifaceted fragrance.

Disadvantages: The toilet water version sounds sharper and sharper than perfume water.

From Crystal Noir reviews:

“I never would have thought that coconut could be so mysterious and interesting. It seemed to me that he was “as simple as 3 rubles,” but no! In combination with citrus notes and a salty peppercorn, it is ... awesome! ”

“Crystal Noir Eau de Toilette is one of the best. I do not agree with those who consider this fragrance to be sugary and heavy. Nothing of the kind - they just do not need to pour it. It is very durable, shleyfovy. Couples pshikov happens a lot even for the evening, and in the afternoon - one is enough, and after the men will turn around (TESTED!). By the way, they say, the new version of the Crystal of 2015 is no less interesting, but without coconut ... ”.

Rating: 9 out of 10.

La Petite Robe Noire Eau Fraiche toilet water from Guerlain
spring freshness

On a photo - female toilet water La petite robe noire eau fraiche from Guerlain. The average price in the Russian Federation: 3400 rubles (50 ml).

This time, the “little black dress” turned into a sweet dress made of petals, acquired a spring-green tint and a playful character. Unforced, fresh (as stated in the title), an appetizing aroma can turn the head, give a feeling of lightness and magical mood. The novelty of 2015 has the following composition: it reveals notes of mandarin, lemon, Sicilian orange blossom and bergamot. Flower "heart": freesia, jasmine, almond flowers, Bulgarian and Turkish roses. The sweet base is made up of pistachios, almonds, patchouli, tonka bean and white musk.


  • Romantic, elegant flavor.
  • Correct, unobtrusive.
  • Spicy combination of sourness and sweetness.


  • Resistance - below average.
  • Not memorable.

From La Petite Robe Noire Eau Fraiche reviews:

"I ordered a" blind "after reading reviews. Very much like "pistachio ice cream." I can say one thing - I do not regret it. Good eau de toilette, the fragrance will perfectly complement my collection, and there will definitely be cases for him. It seems to me that it is wonderfully suitable for a morning walk - definitely raise your spirits. In general, it is rather ambiguous, my husband really liked it, and my mother said that he was too light. "

“Several times I tested this green dress - until I understood its essence. Pleasant, fresh, but ... not bright enough. There is something attractive in him - he pulls him over and over again, the fried nuts are very tempting. Maybe I somehow wore it wrong? I heard that the nut flavors are very capricious ... ".

Rating: 8 out of 10.

Which toilet water is better?

One of the answers to this question may sound as follows: the best toilet water is one that you personally like, uplifting, gives a feeling of self-confidence and lightness. Since there are no similar tastes, friends, colleagues and passers-by may not share your preferences, but this does not mean that the flavor is so bad. And in our ranking are the best (in reviews) toilet water that most people like.

Attention! There are contraindications, consultation of the expert is necessary.